Revue des reformes Economique et intégration dans l’économie mondiale
Volume 12, Numéro 26, Pages 116-126

The Partnership Between Banks And Insurance Companies To Develop Life Insurance In Algeria

Authors : Mergoum Kelthoum . Hassani Hocine . Himrane Mohammed .


In order to develop life insurance products, many countries have adopted the bancassurance strategy by creating business cooperation between banking institutions and companies insurance, through the creation of commercial cooperation between them as a first stage, given that the distribution of life insurance products as close to the basic activities of banks. Algeria, like other countries, has adopted this trend by allowing banks to distribute insurance products through their banking windows to develop and promote a range of products that have been known to lag behind in the Algerian insurance market, most importantly, the life insurance sector. We tried through this research to shed light on the experience of bancasssurance in Algeria since it is one of the important measures taken by the country to modernize its financial institutions and to observe the contribution of this trend to the development of the life insurance sector in Algeria.


Life insurance ; Bancassurance ; Insurance products ; Banking institutions ; insurance companies.