Recherchers economiques manageriales

مجلة ابحاث اقتصادية و ادارية


Journal of Economic and Managerial research is a semi-annual, peer-reviewed scientific journal. It publishes original and innovative scientific researches and studies in the fields of economic, commercial and management sciences which respond to the methodology requirements, it issued by the Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences and Managerial Sciences at the University of Mohamed Khider Biskra- Algeria. The journal started its activity without interruption since 2007 (ISSN: 1112-7902, EISSN: 2602-6635). It is non-commercial, does not impose fees on researches arbitration and accepted articles for publication. From the conditions of the journal that the research is new in its content, has not been published in any other scientific journal, or participate in scientific conferences. The editorial board and the scientific committee of journal will be keen to attract specialized professors, practitioners, and doctoral students from national and international universities to publish research of high scientific level. The journal receives the theoretical and applied researches in three languages: Arabic, French and English.







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