Revue des Economies financières bancaires et de management
Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 870-886

Human Resources Management Practices And Its Effect On Job Involvement : A Case Study In Directorate Of Commerce Algerian

Authors : Mokaddem Abdeldjalil . Adnani Khawla .


The aim of this study is to identify Impact of Human Resources Management on Job Involvement in Directorate General of Commerce. This study was conducted on all employees of several administrative levels in this sector .Descriptive analytical method has been used to test the hypotheses of the study, and data were collected through a questionnaire designed for this purpose. To achieve the study objectives, data were collected through the selection of a random sample of workers in Directorate General of Commerce from various levels. 140 copies of the designed questionnaire were distributed over the targeted sample group. However, 135 copies of the questionnaire were recovered. Was this relationship is tested using SPSS 19 statistical program .The study concluded that there is a positive impact of Human Resources Management with its various dimensions on Job Involvement in Directorate General of Commerce.


Performance Appraisal; Employee’s Participation. ; Directorate General of Commerce ; Job Involvement ; Human Resources Management