Revue d'économie et de statistique appliquée
Volume 20, Numéro 2, Pages 22-36

Macroeconomic Determinants Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions In Algeria During The Period 1970-2019

Authors : Boufenneche Wassila .


The study aims to show the macroeconomic determinants of carbon dioxide emissions in Algeria over the period 1970-2019. The autoregressive distributed lag )ARDL( approach is used in determining the long run relationship between Study variables. The study found that the most significant carbon dioxide emissions determinants are economic growth, financial sector development, domestic investment and trade openness. The study also found a positive impact of these determinants on the carbon dioxide emissions, with the exception of financial sector development and trade openness.


Carbon dioxide emissions ; macroeconomic determinants ; ARDL approach ; cointegration ; Algeria