Volume 7, Numéro 2, Pages 57-67

Descriptive Study Of Somatic Cell Counts Of Milk In Two Large Cattle Farms Conducted In A Semi-arid Environment Of The Coastal Tunisia

Auteurs : M’sadak Youssef . Hamed Ibtihel .


This work, done in two large cattle farms subjected to mechanical tri-daily milking of cows indoors, is a qualitative study of milk during a full lactation examined for each of the monitored cows, based on the individually cellular Counting (CCI) and the counting cellular of Herd Estimated (CCTE). The study conducted in semi-arid areas (area of Sousse, Tunisian Sahel), revealed that 25% of cows have recorded an arithmetic average (MA) of CCI> 200000 cell. / mL. On the other hand, 81% of CCTE were higher than 200000 cell. / mL. In addition, the CCI's MA of cows were 371000 cell. / mL, while the geometric mean (MG) of the cows's CCI was strictly 107500 cell. / mL. The median was 73000 cell. / mL, value close to the MG and widely distant of the MA, revealing the usefulness of the MG. Furthermore, the whisker plot of CCI compared with that of CCTE, showed that all the parameters studied for CCTE are quite higher than those for the CCI. Entirely, breast health situation observed of two monitored herds is not entirely appropriate, since at least a rate of 20% of infected cows is to be continually inspected carefully.

Mots clés

Bovine milk, Large herds, Individual Cellular Counting, Descriptive Analysis, Mammary health, Tunisia Coastal semi-arid.