Revue Nature et Technologie

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"Nature & Technology" is a scientific journal dedicated to the sciences of nature, life and technology, published by Hassiba BEN BOUALI university of Chlef (Algeria). Its purpose is to provide a publication space for research work at universities and other research organizations at national, regional and international levels. Its publications are divided into 03 classes. Class A: Fundamental and Engineering; Class B: Agronomic and Biological Sciences; Class C: Environmental Sciences. NATEC is indexed in the United States in two well-known databases: ProQuest (Michigan) and EBSCO (Massachusetts). The journal has been freely available since its creation in 2009, under a Creative Commons License (CC-BY): "This license allows others to distribute, remix, arrange and adapt your York, even for commercial purpose, as long as you give credit to the original creation by quoting your name. This is the most flexible contract proposed and recommended for the maximum dissemination and use of licensed works under CC"







Valuation of mill scale as iron pigments for painting anticorrosive

Belgacem Bezzina,  Mohamed Tayeb Abedghars,  Hocine Bendjama,  Salah Bouhouche, 

   Publication date: 30-01-2017    pages  01-06.   
Influence de la porosité sur la vibration libre des plaques FGM sur fondation élastique

Abdelkader Mahmoudi,  Samir Benyoucef,  Abdelouahed Tounsi,  El Abbas Adda-bedia,  Rabbab Bachir-bouiadjra, 

   Date de publication: 30-01-2017    pages  24-36.