Recherchers economiques manageriales
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 21-39

The Macroeconomic Variables And The Public Investment Spending In Algeria: Econometric Study Using Ardl Model (1990-2018)

Authors : Guennouni Habib . Ameur Abderrahim .


Public investment spending is an important determinant of economic growth. Algeria has spent billions dollars. We noted that these spending have affected many economic variables and have also been affected by these variables. This study aims to show the impact of macroeconomic variables on this spending in Algeria during (1990- 2018). We applied an econometric study using Eviews program (ARDL model). The majority of results were in agreement with economic theory in a short run as well as a long run relationship between the variables.


macroeconomic variables ; public investment spending ; econometric study