Annales de l’université d’Alger
Volume 32, Numéro 1, Pages 590-600

The Effect Of Preparatory Massage ( Pre-massage) On The Excretion Of Lactate In To Blood For Soccer Players After Performance.

Authors : Ousmail Makhlouf . Khalfouni Mohamed Adnane .


Massage has a direct and an indirect effect on the physiological activities of the body, for it permits in a way or another to provide muscles with nutritive elements as well as it enables the elimination of metabolites, which affect badly by their turn the sportsman’s physical state. Hence, it’s necessary to help the sportsman excretes all metabolites, of which lactic acid (lactate) that weakens muscles, and try to reverse its effect. According to our studies and observations during soccer outwork, coaches don’t consider the importance of soccer players’ pre-training in enhancing their performance. As a matter of fact, it was proved that preparatory massageis one of the efficient means of fostering the excretion of lactic acid into blood , which affects positively the player’s performance.


Pre-massage . Lactate . Performance massage