Cahiers de Traduction
Volume 30, Numéro 1, Pages 29-45

Beyond The Script: Unveiling The Complexities Of Theatrical Translation

Authors : Bekouche Mahbouba .


Theatrical texts, with their emphasis on performance and nuanced language, pose unique challenges for translators. This is especially true for works by renowned playwrights like William Shakespeare. This exploration delves into the intricate relationship between theatrical texts and their translation within the context of theatre's rich history and diverse genres (tragedy, comedy, poetic play). By exami-ning the art of theatre – its historical development, core concept (drama), and in-fluential genres – the study establishes a foundation for understanding theatrical texts. It then delves into the technical characteristics of a play, including composi-tion guidelines and key elements like dialogue, plot, and figurative language.The focus then shifts to the intricate link between theatrical texts and translation. The abstract explores the translation process and the challenges translators face. It highlights specific areas of concern, such as the potential confusion between literal translation and capturing the essence of the original text, and the importance of considering different linguistic levels during the translation process.


Theatrical translation ; Drama ; Play ; Performance ; Intercultural com-munication