Journal of Languages and Translation
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 94-106

Challenges Facing Efl Teachers/ Learners Associated With Online Learning

Authors : Bara Nesma . Baghzou Sabrina .


Abstract The rapid and unexpected spread of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world without exception, and in Algeria in particular, has led to preventive measures at all levels social, economic, and educational. The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has encouraged the policy of social and physical distancing for protective measures. Besides, the ministry has urged all the universities to implement the distance education (online learning) in order to address the academic year curriculum. Accordingly, this research paper seeks to examine the challenges and the learning issues associated with online teaching in the Algerian universities during the Coronavirus pandemic. A constructed online- survey is administered to a sample of Algerian teachers and learners from various universities to determine their perceptions and attitudes towards online education experience, also to evaluate its effectiveness, flaws and suggests possible resolutions for distance learning approach even in post-pandemic. After gathering online data, the participants ‘perceptions of Distance learning were analyzed according to a statistical software. Besides, a qualitative descriptive evaluation in the second part of the survey, which is about participants’ suggestions of future e-learning reforms for better activation. Even though the results have shown significant claims about the online challenges and issues they have faced during their teaching/learning process, yet most of participants endorse the implementation of ICTs within learning environment since it has positive outcomes on improving the education.


Corona pandemic ; challenges ; online learning ; post-pandemic resolutions