Eddissi Languages Journal


Eddissi Languages Journal is an international scholarly peer reviewed and open access journal that is published semi-annually by the Theoretical and Applied Linguistic Studies Laboratory (TALSL) at Mohamed Bou Dhiaf University of M’sila, Algeria. It is mostly concerned with the publication of original and high quality articles written in either English, or French. The journal publishes researches within the areas related to language study (including Language Teaching, Language Testing, TESOL, ESP, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, (Critical) Discourse Analysis, Curriculum Development, Classroom Research, Language Policy, and so on). No particular linguistic theories or scientific trends are favored: scientific quality and scholarly standing are the only criteria applied in the selection of papers accepted for publication.The journal publishes twice a year, with the possibility of a special issue on occasion.Itaims to provide researchers with a science space where they can share their research findings, perspectives, expertise, and scientific productions. Moreover, it seeks to advance and improve scientific research by meeting the criteria for generating scientific research that meets international standards, and this by imposing a set of strict conditions on authors.