les cahiers du mecas
Volume 18, Numéro 1, Pages 33-42

Entrepreneurial Potential: The Synergy Between University Environment And Entrepreneurial Training Based On The Analysis Of Academics’ Entrepreneurial Intention

Authors : Chib Amina Djazia .


In times of economic instability, it is very important to find new ways to improve employment conditions. It is very important to develop entrepreneurial potential in universities and institutions. Entrepreneurship is one of the main generators of economic development, which proves the influence of some formal and informal factors on employment such as the Entrepreneurship environment. Although entrepreneurship is not very common in universities, the past experience of universities shows that academics are very interested in such initiatives. Research on entrepreneurship and university environment are direct factors that affect entrepreneurial intentions. we used quantitative methods and structural equations to establish a Model for data analysis. The sample included 364 undergraduate students in their final year in various disciplines (finance, marketing, management, economics...) at West Agerian University. Academic development indirectly has a strong and positive impact on entrepreneurial attitudes through entrepreneurship training.


Entrepreneurial potential ; synergy ; , entrepreneurial training, ; university’s environment ; , Entrepreneurial intention