Traduction et Langues
Volume 20, Numéro 1, Pages 358-374

البحث في تاريخ الترجمة: قراءة في المساهمة العربية في تأريخ الترجمة Research In The History Of Translation : A Reading Of The Arabic Contribution To The History Of Translation

الكاتب : استيتو عبدالجبار .


It is undeniable that translation has become a civilized necessity as a means of transferring the cultures, customs and traditions of the nations of the world from one language to another. If we believe that everything in this existence has a history, we should not be surprised to consider that translation has a history. The history of translation refers to a wide range of practices ranging from the history of interpretation to the biographies of translators, including the history of translations of holy books, a historical approach concerned with the modes of translation and translators as a subject of research and also concerned with the practices and representations that relate to them. This article aims to present an approximate picture of the Arab contribution to the process of translation historiography, by analyzing the Arab scientific production in the history of translation published in Arabic, English, French and Spanish during the period from 1960 to 2017. In this analysis, we relied on the bibliometric approach in the study of scientific production published in the Arab world in the field of translation history. The bibliometric approach was based on the transformations of production in terms of its constituent topics, as well as the languages issued in it and the moments of its production in addition to the forms of its publications. Statistical analysis of the distribution of topics of scientific production in translation studies indicates that three or four topics occupied the largest proportion, and the proportions of other topics are weak, and some topics are completely absent in this production and research is reduced in other topics such as the history of translation in the colonial period, or the history of translation in the world. The study of the history of translation in the Arab world is considered a scientific aspiration that derives its legitimacy from the need to trace the dynamics of Arab production in the history of translation in its various components, and the fields of its publication and circulation. and levels of interdependence between the structures of its producers, its channels of release, and publishing languages.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Arab world;bibliometric studies; interpretation; history of translation;scientific research; translation studies