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The journal Traduction et Langues TRANSLANG (Translation and Languages) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, bi-annual and free of charge, open-access journal edited by University of Oran2. The journal publishes original research and survey articles in the fileds of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting studies, Discourse Analysis, and Humanities from theoretical and pratical perspectives. The journal aims at promoting international scholarly exchanges among researchers, academics and practitioners to foster intercultural communication by providing insights into local and global languages and cultures. The journal is distinguished by its multidisciplinary dimension and plurilingual orientation. The journal is published one issue a year, the first was edited in 2001, but starting from Volume 17 issue 1/2018, the journal will be published twice a year. Our journal accepts original papers, reports and reviews in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, and Russian. This journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version is free access and downloadable. All original and outstanding research papers are highly accepted to be published in our International Journal.


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إشكالية ترجمة النصوص الأدبية من اللغة الأمازيغية إلى اللغة العربية

زهور شتوح, 

الملخص: تمتاز الجزائر بثراء ثقافي مذهل، إذ امتزجت على أرضه ثقافات متعدّدة شكلت في الأخير مميزاته الشخصية، إلّا أنّ الثقافة الأمازيغية تعتبر الأصل الذي يحتاج دوما إلى التعرف عليه وإماطة اللثام عنه، ليتعرف عليه الجزائريون الذين لا يتقنون الّلغة الأمازيغية ولا يعرفون إلّا النزر اليسير عن تّراثها، لذا وجب العمل على ترجمتة ونقل هذا التراث وأدبه إلى العربية للتعريف به أولا؛ ولتقوية أواصر الوحدة ثانيا . وعليه تحاول هذه المداخلة تسليط الضوء على دواعي ترجمة النّص الأدبي من الّلغة الأمازيغية إلى العربية على مستوى الشكل والمضمون، وكذا على مستوى الميكانيزمات المساعدة على دعم الترجمة، مع التركيز على سبل ترقية الترجمة من اللغة الأمازيغية إلى اللغة العربية. Algeria is rich by its cultural richness, as it mixed up with multiple cultures. The culture of Amazigh is the origin that always needs to be identified and unveiled, to be recognized by Algerians who do not master the Amazigh language and do not know its heritage. Therefore, it is necessary to work on translating and transfer this heritage and its literature into Arabic to introduce it first; and to strengthen the bonds of unity .This essay attempts to shed light on the reasons for the translation of the literary text from the Amazigh language into Arabic in terms of form and content, as well as on the level of support mechanisms for translation support, with a focus on ways to upgrade the translation from the Amazigh language to Arabic.

الكلمات المفتاحية: ترجمة،النّص الأدبي،المترجم، الأدب الأمازيغي. ; Translation, Literary Text, Translator, Amazigh Literature

المصطلحات الترجمية بين الترادف والاشتراك اللفظي

نوال بن سعادة, 

الملخص: لقد صاحب نشأة الترجمية كفرع معرفي وأكاديمي حديث، تكاثر مبادئها ومفاهيمها ونظرياتها تكاثرا سريعا، ومن ثم ارتفاع عدد مصطلحاتها باعتبارها خلاصات مصغَّرة لهذا المجال وشفرات تفكّ ألغازه. وقد ظهرت هذه المصطلحات في غضون ظروف علمية مميّزة ترتبط ارتباطا مباشرا بحداثة هذا المجال وطبعه المتداخل التخصصات.ويحاول هذا المقال أن يتعرض إلى وضع الاصطلاح في الترجمية والكشف عن واقع الترادف والاشتراك اللفظي فيها من خلال إجراء دراسة تحليلية مقارنة على مصطلحات التكييف والترجمة الحرة والترجمة غير المباشرة وما يرتبط بكلّ منها من مصطلحات مرادفة أو مفاهيم متعدّدة. وتوضّح هذه الدراسة أنّ هذا المجال يشهد فوضى اصطلاحية لا يمكننا أن نتجاهلها. The establishment of Translation Studies as a new independent field of study was accompanied by an important expansion and diversification of its principles and concepts which led to the increase of its terminology. The latter appeared in specific conditions that are directly related to the recency and multi-disciplinary aspect of this branch of knowledge. This paper tends to explore the actual translation terminological situation by shedding light on synonymy and polysemy phenomena through an analytical comparative study of three terms: Adaptation; Free Translation and Indirect Translation and their respective synonyms or relative concepts.

الكلمات المفتاحية: الاشتراك اللفظي ; الترادف ; الترجمة الحرة ; الترجمة غير المباشرة ; التكييف ; المصطلح الترجمي

Exploring EFL Doctoral Students’ Perceptions of Employment Interviews for a Faculty Position

Tiaiba Imane,  Nadjai Fatma Zohra, 

Résumé: In a growing competitive employment market, the employability of EFL doctoral graduates at Algerian universities is becoming of great concern to many parties due to the large pools of applicants and the short hiring windows, over the last years under the umbrella of LMD system. Among the selection methods used by faculties in the hiring process is the job interview. Due to the fact that most candidates, may have similar CVs in terms of qualifications and experience, their performance during employment interviews could make the difference in getting a faculty position or not. The aim of this paper is to investigate the faculty hiring interview from the lenses of applicants (interviewees) in order to determine EFL doctoral students’ readiness and consciousness of the employment interview that they are likely to take after graduation to get an assistant lecturer position. To reach this aim, a survey is conducted with twenty EFL doctoral students from different Algerian universities using an online questionnaire. Results highlight two major findings: doctoral students’unconsciousness about selection procedures in the hiring process; and needs to enhance applicants’ communicative skills in employment interviews.

Mots clés: employment interview; EFL students’ perceptions; faculty position

ترجمةالمصطلح التقني: دراسة حالة لبعض من النماذج في مجال هندسة البرمجيات من الإنجليزية إلى العربية

Kellou Yasmine,  Ramdani Amira, 

الملخص: الملخص: يهتم هذا البحث بترجمة المصطلحات التقنية من اللغة الإنجليزية إلى اللغة العربية. يعتمد على مقاربة مقارنة بين النص الأصلي و الترجمة. بداية، نقدم خصائص النص التقني، ثم ننتقي بعضا من مصطلحات هندسة البرمجيات و ترجماتها باللغة العربية لنحللها تحليلا مصطلحيا. تخلص الدراسة إلى أن لما لا يتوفر المصطلح التقني الدقيق في اللغة العربية يلجأ المترجم إلى تقنيات منها الترجمة الحرفية، الشرح، و الإقتراض. ما لحضناه في دراستنا هو عدم الثبات في استعمال المصطلح الواحد و أن المعرفة المتخصصة ضرورية و شرط أساسي يسبق أي عمل ترجمي متخصص. .

الكلمات المفتاحية: الكلمات المفاتيح: الترجمة إنجليزي/عربي، مصطلح هندسة البرمجيات، ترجمة متخصصة، ترجمة تقنية، تقنيات الترجمة، علم الترجمة

Past and Present as Dialogic Narratives in Postmodernist Novels: Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair as an Intertextual to Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre.

عثماني الهام,  بورقبي صالح, 

Résumé: This article tends to delve into the intertextual use of a Victorian novel in the Eyre Affair (2001) by the British writer Jasper Fforde. In his intertextual novel, which features as a sequel to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (1847), Fforde shows that art is dependent on art and may integrate allusions to prior works. Since the research interest in the existing responses to Victorian narratives is considerably new, my paper aims to give a comprehensive reflection on one of these responses. It contributes to explore the reasons why the Victorian classics still fascinate postmodernist writers, while observing the changes these latter made to please the twenty first century reader. Its main focus is to determine the intertextual dialogue between the two novels focusing on important critical aspects in Jane Eyre such as point of view, the controversial ending, and the migration of characters, which become an inspiration for Fforde to bring Bronte’s tale to life by carrying the idea of intertextuality in The Eyre Affair.

Mots clés: Charlotte Brontë-intertextuality- Jasper Fforde- postmodernism- the Eyre Affair-the Victorians

دعوى الخصوصية في مدلولات عبارات الجرح والتعديل دراسة نقدية

العربي رزيق خليفة, 

الملخص: تهدف هذه الدراسة إلى معالجة مسألة متعلقة بمدلولات المصطلحات النقدية الخاصة بالرواة التي ادعي فيها الخصوصية ، والتي عرفت باسم (الألفاظ الخاصة في الجرح والتعديل)، حيث قسم بعض الدارسين عبارات الجرح والتعديل إلى عامة خاصة، وصار باب الألفاظ الخاصة يتسع أكثر فأكثر عند المعاصرين، فجاءت هذه الدراسة لتجلية مفهوم صناعة المصطلح الحديثي وبيان أهميتها في ضبط الاصطلاح كأساس منهجي يحتكم إليه في الحسم في دعاوى الخصوص والعموم، ثم الدراسة التطبيقية على مصطلحين مشهورين لعَلَمين بارزين من أعلام النقد ادُعي فيهما الخصوصية وهما : مصطلح (فيه نظر) عند البخاري ، ومصطلح (ليس بشيء) عند ابن معين ، متبعا المنهج الاستقرائي والتحليلي، من حيث تتبع اللفظة وتحليلها بغية الوصول إلى نتائج علمية، وقد أفضت الدراسة إلى عدم صحة دعوى الخصوصية في المصطلحين المذكورين، وإلى ضرورة إعادة النظر في كل ما ادعي فيه الخصوصية وفق منهجية الدراسة المصطلحية المقارنة القائمة على الإحصاء والتحليل.

الكلمات المفتاحية: الجرح والتعديل، مدلول ، خصوصية ، المصطلح ، منهج ، الدراسة المصطلحية ، فيه نظر ، ليس بشيء .

توجيه الفروق النحوية والصرفية بين رواية قالون وحفص في سورة يس دراسة دلالية

منصوري توفيق, 

الملخص: تناول البحث موضوعا هاما في علم القراءات القرآنية، وما نجم عنه من فروق نحوية وصرفية بين روايتي الإمام قالون عن نافع المدني وحفص عن عاصم الكوفي في سورة يس كأنموذج، مع تحديد توجيه هذه الفروق وبيان مدى تنوع معاني الآيات القرآنية دلاليا. Abstract : The research dealt with an Important topic in the sience of quranic readings and the resulting differences in nahusu and morafiya between the two narrations of the Imam they said about nafi al-madani and hafs on the authority of asim al-kufi in surat tassin as a model with identifying the orientation of thse differences and showing the extent of diversity.

الكلمات المفتاحية: توجيه، حفص، دلالة، صرف، قالون، نحو

The Behaviour of the Schwa in the Saoura Spoken Arabic (Schwa Epenthesis and Deletion)

Benyagoub Lahcene,  Bouhania Bachir, 

Résumé: In the present study, we argue in favour of adopting a moraic approach to the syllable to describe and explain phenomena in prosodic phonology. We indicate that the implementation of the mora (Hyman, 1984 ) in the Saoura Spoken Arabic (henceforth SSA) syllables helps in explaining morpho-phonological processes, namely 'the Disparity in Epenthesis ' between words on the pattern CəCC and those on the pattern CCəC, and 'the Schwa Vowel deletion' in a specific morphological context. We attempt to clarify that in order to account for the difference in epenthesis between CəCC and CCəC, we have to refer to both the moraic structure and the inflectional paradigm. We also try to demonstrate that the assumed schwa vowel, inserted via an epenthesis rule, disappears in fluent speech.

Mots clés: Inflectional Paradigm ; Mora ; Saoura Spoken Arabic ; Schwa Deletion ; Schwa Epenthesis ; Syllable

Les exploitations du récit en didactique du FLE: approche linguistique et méthodologique

Chemkhi Mansour, 

Résumé: Former à agir, tel est l’objectif principal d’un cours de langue. Les contenus d’enseignement sont, généralement, conçus de manière à pouvoir répondre à un besoin d’agir chez l’apprenant. Dans le cas des méthodologies actives par documents authentiques, l’action visée est différée : on fait lire, par exemple, aux élèves des textes littéraires pour les préparer à continuer, plus tard en société, à maintenir un contact à distance avec la langue culture-cible. L’approche dite actionnelle se donne comme objectif de préparer l’apprenant à utiliser la langue pour agir dans des situations de communication courantes. On passe de méthodologies centrées sur le recours aux genres littéraires (classés par type de textes : narration, description, dialogue) à des approches centrées sur la référence aux textes circulant dans la communication ordinaire, classés par genres discursifs.

Mots clés: genre de discours ; type de texte ; action ; compétence ; méthodologie

Think Aloud Protocol in Translating Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani’s Poetry

الحراحشة أحمد,  العذبة مها,  العدوان عامر, 

Résumé: This study sets out to investigate the usability of Think Aloud Protocol (TAP) – in translating Sheikh Jassim Al Thani’s poetry into English, which is an example of Nabati poetry. The study was conducted on two groups of MA graduates in translation studies: Qataris and non-Qataris. The approach used in this study is process-oriented, and therefore it illuminates the strategies that translators use to overcome challenges during the translation process. The analysis of the translation of the selected expressions is based on Gerloff’s (1986) model of coding translation strategies. Selecting different translation strategies by each group demonstrates the nature of the encountered challenges. These challenges vary, as some are linguistic, while others are cultural. Finally, the study concluded that the employment of TAP in the process of translation is effective, guide translation specialists and help them to overcome any linguistic or cultural problems.

Mots clés: Nabati poetry, Think Aloud Protocol, Process- oriented approach, Qatari translators, Translation

Political Resistance to the American Health Care System’s Reform: The Case of “Obamacare”

محبوب أسامة, 

Résumé: Historically speaking, the American health care system’s reform and its magnitude has always been a bitterly contested issue between the Democrats and Republicans. In fact, the political struggle over health care repair dates back to the early decades of the nation’s foundation and has intensified during the enactment and implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) adopted by President Barack Obama. In an attempt to analyze the polarization concerned with this system’s reform, particularly the ACA as a case study, this paper employs the metaphor theory introduced by the American cognitive linguist George Lakoff. This theory utilizes the metaphor of “nation as family” to refer to the two major ideologies composing the American political spectrum, namely liberalism and conservatism. Through employing a Lakoffian model of family-based morality, this paper seeks to provide a careful examination of the liberals’ tolerant and empathetic standpoint towards public health care expansion on the one hand, and the conservatives’ commitment to anti-ACA welfare provisions on the other hand. Accordingly, it attempts to explore areas of debate including universalizability of health care access, the interference with the market, and the issue of abortion and contraception. My paper draws the conclusion that the Democrats’ unlimited approval of the ACA and Republicans’ vehement resistance to it stem from principled moral choice rather than mere partisanship.

Mots clés: American Health Care System ; Conservatism ; Ideology ; Liberalism ; Morality ; Politics

Congruence and Uniform Structure Principle: keys for problematic code-switching cases

منداس جميلة,  بن حطاب عبد القادر لطفي, 

Résumé: The present paper tries to test the validity of the notion of congruence and the Uniform Structure Principle against an Algerian Arabic-French code-switching corpus. These two principles represent an important corner stone underlying the latest version of the Matrix Language Frame Model as it has been developed by Myers Scotton in 2002 and 2006. Data from naturally-occurring conversations is analyzed within Myers-Scotton’s Matrix Language Frame model (1997, 2002, 2006 and 2015) and its supportive models. Our investigation of bilingual language behavior of Algerian speakers is conducted from a micro sociolinguistic perspective. The Matrix Language Frame Model’s descriptive paradigm succeeded to a large extent in analyzing the different insertions in our corpus. To explain and interpret the observed instances of code switching we opted for Matrix Language Frame model’s explanatory principles (i.e. congruence and structural uniformity) particularly in the case of challenging code-switching instances. The results of our investigation highlight the fact that both congruence and the Uniform Structure Principle are flexible paradigms that can be adapted and interpreted to account for language-specific patterns and structures. Another important observation is the case of insufficient congruence between Algerian Arabic and French. Our corpus revealed two possibilities in this situation. The structural uniformity of both languages is preserved by using compromising strategies (Embedded Language islands or internal Embedded Language islands) which is in accordance with Myers-Scotton’s model. The other possibility that constitutes a challenge to the MLF model is the fact that Matrix Language structural uniformity is imposed across mixed constituents at the expense of Embedded Language structural uniformity.

Mots clés: Code-switching (CS ; Congruence ; Grammar-based approaches ; Matrix Language Frame model (MLF) ; the Uniform Structure Principle (USP)

La Retraduction des Liaisons Dangereuses en Roumain – traduction sémantique ou traduction communicative? The Re-translation of the Dangerous Liaisons into Romanian - semantic or a communicative translation?

غدولسكو آندا, 

Résumé: L’unique roman de Choderlos de Laclos, écrit en 1782, et qui l’a rendu célèbre par la série des lettres échangées entre ses personnages, prétend combattre le libertinage, tout en l’incarnant par les fascinantes figures de la marquise de Merteuil et du vicomte de Valmont. L’élégance du style de l’auteur, la finesse dans l’analyse des comportements et des sentiments contradictoires des personnages, tout comme le dramatisme du final, a éveillé l’intérêt de quelques traducteurs roumains, tous écrivains et essayistes, qui se sont évertués à le rendre en roumain. Notre analyse repose sur l’hypothèse que les choix des deux premiers traducteurs révèlent des skopos différents. En nous appuyant sur des observations au niveau microtextuel et au niveau macrostructural nous remarquons que les deux plus anciens, Radu Cioculescu (1943) et Alexandru Philippide (1966), ont gardé, dans la mesure du possible, les structures syntaxiques et sémantiques du français et se sont orientés vers une traduction linguistique, sémantique, favorisant le texte source (une traduction sourcière ). Nous montrerons que leur fidélité par rapport à l’auteur et à son style les distinguent de la version plus récente de Cristina Jinga (2011). Celle-ci privilégie en effet la traduction communicative, et vise à obtenir un effet sur le lecteur roumain comparable à l’impact de l’original sur le lecteur francophone. Pour aucune des trois traductions il n’est question de parler de trahison de Laclos ni sous l’aspect stylistique, ni dans son essence, mais les deux premiers traducteurs avaient pour but de faire connaître Laclos aux lecteurs roumains, alors que la dernière traduction a plutôt pour but un rajeunissement du roman pour mieux accrocher les lecteurs modernes, puisqu’il tient compte de l’évolution du roumain entre 1943 et 2011 et du changement du contexte culturel qui est intervenu. Choderlos de Laclos’s only novel, written in 1782, which made him famous due to the series of letters exchanged between the characters, claims to fight libertinage while also embodying it through the fascinating figures of the Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont. The elegance of the author's style, the finesse of the analysis of the characters' contradictory behaviors and feelings, as well as the dramatic nature of the plot, aroused the interest of some Romanian translators, all having a writer’s and essayist’s background, who strove to render it into Romanian. Our analysis is based on the assumption that the choices of the first two translators reveal different skopos . Based on observations at the microtextual and macrostructural level, we note that the two oldest, those of Radu Cioculescu (1943) and Alexandru Philippide (1966), focused on a linguistic translation, favoring the source text and keeping, as far as possible, close to the syntactic and semantic structures of the French language. Their fidelity to the author’s style is obvious. We will show that their loyalty to the author and his style sets them apart from the more recent version of Cristina Jinga (2011). She favors a communicative translation, which aims at getting an effect on the Romanian reader similar to the impact of the original on the French reader. Without betraying Laclos either stylistically or in his essence, the first two translators aimed to make Laclos known to Romanian readers, while the last one has rather considered a rejuvenation of the novel, taking into consideration the dynamics and the evolution of the Romanian language, the changes in the cultural context (20th century/ vs./ 21st century translation) and the taste of the modern readers.

Mots clés: retraduction ; traduction sémantique ; traduction communicative ; fidélité ; concision ; retranslation ; semantic translation ; communicative translation ; fidelity

Développement d’un Questionnaire pour Étudier les Représentations des Enseignants de Langue Seconde sur la Rétroaction Corrective à L’oral

تادغت اسماء,  ملكي حنان, 

Résumé: Résumé: Dans cet article, nous rendons compte du processus d’élaboration et de validation d’un questionnaire visant à explorer les représentations des enseignants de langue seconde ou étrangère au sujet de la rétroaction corrective (RC). Les preuves qui illustrent la validité du questionnaire ont été recueillies en deux étapes : 1) faire passer le questionnaire à 101enseignantsde français langue étrangère et langue seconde en service ou en formation et effectuer une analyse en composantes principales (ACP), et 2) former un comité d’experts qui valide les résultats de l’ACP. L’ACP a été utilisée pour évaluer la validité des construits des items relatifs à la RC, tandis que le recours à un comité d’experts vise à valider les résultats de l’ACP, et ce, grâce à une analyse de fidélité interjuges. Les résultats indiquent que le questionnaire était une mesure valide de la RC.

Mots clés: Enseignants en formation ; développement de questionnaire ; représentations des enseignants ; rétroaction corrective orale ; validation de questionnaire.

Accompagner les élèves avec autisme dans des espaces co-éducatifs avec un outil numérique de planification

Mercier Cendrine, 

Résumé: Les jeunes apprenants avec autisme rencontrent certaines difficultés pour se repérer dans le temps et dans l’espace. Pour les accompagner, nous avons proposé à des acteurs de l’éducation (professionnels et parents) un outil numérique de planification. Notre travail de recherche vise à mettre en lumière les intérêts d’utilisation d'un agenda numérique auprès des jeunes avec TSA, mais également ce que cet accompagnement a favorisé en termes de co-éducation, de surcroit dans le développement d’espace co-éducatifs. Notre recherche a été menée auprès de cinq enfants avec autisme accueillis dans une structure spécialisée avec, pour certains d’entre eux, un accompagnement scolaire en milieu ordinaire. Au travers des retours d’expériences des professionnels et des parents, nous pouvons affirmer, pour les participants à notre étude, que l’outil numérique de planification traverse les frontières et permet une prise en charge homogène répondant aux besoins éducatifs particuliers des jeunes enfants avec TSA dans les différents lieux de vie permettant ainsi le développement d’espaces co-éducatifs.

Mots clés: Agenda – Autisme – Coéducation – Outil numérique