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Revue Traduction et Langues (Translation & Languages) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, annual and free of charge, open-access journal edited by University of Oran2. The journal publishes original research and survey articles in the fileds of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting studies, Discourse Analysis, and Humanities from theoretical and pratical perspectives. The journal aims at promoting international scholarly exchanges among researchers, academics and practitioners to foster intercultural communication by providing insights into local and global languages and cultures. The journal is distinguished by its multidisciplinary dimension and plurilingual orientation. The journal is published one issue a year, the first was edited in 2001, but starting from Volume 17 issue 1/2018, the journal will be published twice a year. Our journal accepts original papers, reports and reviews in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, and Russian. This journal is published in both print and online versions. The online version is free access and downloadable. All original and outstanding research papers are highly accepted to be published in our International Journal.


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الفروق اللغوية في ترجمة الأسماء الحسنى في القرآن الكريم

محمد لمين لطرش, 

الملخص: تمثل ترجمة الأسماء الحسنى قضية تتطلب التسلح بالمستطاع من المعارف الشرعية و اللغوية في العربية و في اللغة الهدف. و يزيد خطر الوقوع في أخطاء ترجمة الأسماء الحسنى إذا كانت من قبيل ما يُظَنُّ بينها الترادف و التماثل في المعنى كالغفور و العفوّ و كالقوي و المتين و غيرها مما اهتمت كتب العقيدة ببيان الفروق بينها. و يسعى هذا المقال إلى تسليط الضوء على أهمية هذا الباب الذي صادفه المترجم في مواضع كثيرة من أجلّها ترجمة معاني القرآن الكريم. و هذا البحث قائم على جانبيْن: أولهما نظري يهتم ببيان مفهوم الترادف في القرآن الكريم ثم بين الأسماء و الصفات، و الآخر تطبيقي يبّن حقيقة الفروق بين الأسماء الحسنى بتطبيق هذا المبحث على الاسمين الأحسنين (الرحمان و الرحيم). و قد خلُص هذا البحث إلى أن ترجمات معاني القرآن الكريم تعرف فوضى في نقل مثل هذه الفروق مما يدعو إلى تكثيف الجهود و توحيدها في نقل هذه المعاني الجليلة.

الكلمات المفتاحية: الأسماء الحسنى ; الترادف ; الترجمة ; الفروق اللغوية ; القرآن الكريم

Theoretical Framework of ESP: The Major Case Studies in the Hotel Industry and Translation as Necessary Input

اسماء مرين, 

Résumé: This paper aims to provide a theoretical overview of English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as a term and one of the major areas of EFL teaching since its beginnings in the 1960s. It summarises the most prominent contributions and developments related with the theoretical aspects concerning ESP and needs analysis as the corner stone in designing ESP courses in English language teaching and learning. The most influential ESP teaching theories are presented briefly, beginning with register analysis which paved the way for course designers to design specific courses based on teaching the linguistic features of a language to the urgent need for communication and translation. At the end, based on the nature of the hotel industry, the purpose of this paper is twofold: 1) to discuss some previous case studies related to hotels that would help the researcher because most of the linguistic researches conducted by ESP specialists focused in particular on the formal aspects of a language especially in the academic field and neglected the needs of the situational settings; 2) to discuss the major needs of the workers in hotels and the importance of translation in this industry and therefore presenting the possible solutions to overcome any deficiencies.

Mots clés: English for Academic Purposes- English for Occupational Purposes- English for Specific Purposes- Hotel Industry- Needs Analysis- Translation.

Omission and Imagery in Hemingway’s “Up in Michigan,” Carver’s “Chef’s House,” Ford’s “Rock Springs,” and Mason’s “Residents and Transients”

Boudjerida Messaouda, 

الملخص: Abstract: Abstract: Ernest Hemingway’s minimalist style, which is based on his “Theory of Omission,” has exerted a considerable influence on generations of writers. This article provides additional evidence with respect to his narrative influence on the short fiction of the leading figures of literary minimalism. To fulfil this primary aim, a comparative and an analytical study is carried out using Wolfgang Iser’s reception theory. This has been deployed in order to demonstrate that the narrators of Raymond Carver’s “Chef’s House,” Richard Ford’s “Rock Springs,” and Bobbie Ann Mason’s “Residents and Transients” employ the techniques of omission and imagery to affect the readers’ imagination and engage them in the construction of the story’s meaning . More interesting, they make them feel more than they understand the emotional state of the characters, which is left beneath the surface of things, as does Hemingway in his story “Up in Michigan.” الملخص: إن أسلوب إرنست همنغواي البسيط ،المبني على "نظرية الحذف "، كان له تأثير كبير على أجيال من الكتاب. يقدم هذا المقال أدلة إضافية فيما يتعلق بتأثير تقنيات سرده على قصص رواد أسلوب التبسيط بالولايات المتحدة الأمريكية. ولتحقيق هذه الغاية ، يتم إجراء دراسة تحليلية و مقارنة باستخدام نظرية التلقي لفولفغانغ إيزر لكي نبرهن إن رواة قصص "بيت شيف " ،" روك سبر ينقس" ،و "مقيمين وعابرين" لريموند كارفر، و ريتشارد فورد، و بوبي آن ماسون على التوالي يوظفون تقنيات الحذف و الصور البيانية للتأثير على خيال القراء ، وإشراكهم في بناء معنى القصة،و أكثر إثارة للاهتمام ،هو جعلهم يشعرون أكثر مما يفهمون الحالة العاطفية للشخصيات التي تركت تحت سطح الأشياء كما يفعل أرنست همنغواي في قصته "حادثة في مشيغن".

الكلمات المفتاحية: imagery ; influence ; literary minimalism ; omission ; "Theory of Omission"

A Critical Evaluation of Venuti’s Domestication and Foreignization Theory of Translation

عبد الرؤوف شويط, 

Résumé: The primary objective of this paper is to introduce, examine, and critically evaluate Venuti’s domestication and foreignization theory of translation in terms of power relations and cultural encounters. Domestication and foreignization are seen as two discordant translation tendencies in the sense that the first one involves adopting a fluent and transparent style in translation, by replacing all the unfamiliar elements with domestic variants in order to minimize the foreignness of the source text and help the target reader approach it with ease and familiarity, whereas the latter retains the foreign aspects of the original text and ignores the target reader’s potential comprehension difficulties. The controversial issue over domestication and foreignization has been the crux of contention in the translation circle for a very long time. In fact, these two strategies are still creating theoretical discussions and springing up heated debates among translation scholars. This article comes to the conclusion that such controversy cannot possibly be resolved by considering which is better than the other or which one has the priority over the other. Rather, these two strategies should be regarded as a continuum that provides heuristic tools for translators to help them successfully overcome the various cultural hindrances in translation.

Mots clés: Culture ; domestication ; foreignization ; literary translation ; Venuti

King Arthur 'Dux Bellorum': Welsh Penteulu 'Chief of the Royal Host'

Breeze Andrew Charles, 

Résumé: Although the North British hero Arthur (d. 537) is described in medieval romance as a king, he is not so termed in the earliest documents relating to him. The ninth-century 'Historia Brittonum' states merely that he fought 'cum regibus Brittonum' ('alongside kings of the Britons'), but was himself merely 'dux bellorum'. What this means has been long disputed. It has been taken to represent a senior rank in the Roman army, with Arthur as a commander of cavalry forces fighting up and down Britain. Closer analysis shows this as a fantasy. Comparison with medieval Welsh texts indicates that 'dux bellorum' insteads corresponds to the Welsh 'penteulu' ('captain of the bodyguard, chief of the royal host'). As commander of the king's bodyguard, the 'penteulu' was the most important of the 24 officers of the court. He had a position of supreme trust, invariably being the ruler's own son or nephew or another man of rank. Setting out his income and status (which included the right to praise by the official poet of the bodyguard), medieval Welsh legal and other sources are thus the most reliable sources of information on what the Arthur of history was and was not.

Mots clés: King Arthur, Penteulu, Welsh Law, Britain in the Sixth Century CE

Nouvelles technologies et Mémoires de traduction: quel apport pour la traduction spécialisée?

Debbi Samia, 

Résumé: Dans le présent article, nous allons nous atteler à illustrer de manière concrète, l’apport des nouvelles technologies, telles que les systèmes de Mémoire de traduction (MT), à la traduction spécialisée. Aussi, nous avons voulu démontrer l’efficacité de la MT pour le discours médical, et le discours juridique, en choisissant des exemples bien définis et comparer les résultats obtenus, tout en mettant en exergue les spécificités propres à chacun de ces discours. Nous avons pour cela opté pour le système de Mémoire de traduction SDL Trados Studio, dont nous avons présenté les diverses composantes.

Mots clés: Traduction spécialisée ; Discours juridique ; Discours médical ; Nouvelles technologies ; Mémoire de traduction ; SDL Trados Studio

Towards a Dynamic Approach to Assessing Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in Higher Education

ليدية بن مو هوب, 

Résumé: The present article explores first year degree students’ perceptions of their teachers’ assessment. In addition, university teachers’ literacy and attitudes towards dynamic assessment in EFL classes are investigated too. The aim is to experience a new approach to assessing students’ critical thinking skills by making a change in assessment practices at the level of higher education. Towards this purpose, a questionnaire and a semi-structured interview were used. The results revealed students’ positive and negative perceptions towards their teachers’ assessment as well as their (i.e., students) low ability to think critically in English language. The results also showed the teachers’ positive attitudes towards the use of dynamic assessment in EFL classes.

Mots clés: assessment ; critical thinking ; dynamic assessment ; higher education ; LMD system

Mise en Scène de la Violence et Enjeux intertextuels dans A Quoi Rêvent les loups, de Yasmina Khadra

Bouazza Merahia, 

Résumé: Résumé : Dans cet article, nous nous proposons d’étudier un aspect de l’écriture de Yasmina Khadra, lequel semble-t-il structure l’écriture de la violence dans son roman, A quoi rêvent les loups ? La violence semble, avoir été un enjeu central de la production littéraire algérienne des années 90 et son traitement sans aucun discernement a fasciné beaucoup d’auteurs de l’époque, qui, outre la cruauté des situations qu’ils présentent, tentent, par un mécanisme de mimétisme, de faire concorder la langue comme unique outil aux conditions qu’ils décrivent. Dans cette optique, des stratégies inhérentes à l’écriture elle-même, sont à mettre en évidence dans l’élaboration de cette réflexion. Ainsi, s’agit-il pour nous d’effectuer un travail sur le langage, sur la manière de dire et d’écrire cette tragédie qui s’est abattue sur l’Algérie pendant les années 90, en l’occurrence sur le roman de Yasmina Khadra qui expose diverses prises de vue de la flambée de la violence qui a marqué la dernière décennie en Algérie.

Mots clés: écriture ; langage ; violence ; fait-religieux ; intertextualité

Les faces de la trahison dans le processus traductionnel

محند أو يحي خروب, 

Résumé: Si l’on observe de plus près le processus de la traduction, depuis la réception du message à traduire jusqu’à sa restitution dans la langue-cible, l’on constatera qu’il est jalonné de moments pendant lesquels le traducteur (avec la participation de l’auteur et du lecteur eux-mêmes!) procède à des trahisons répétitives dont il n’est pas forcément conscient, ou, dirions-nous, responsable. En effet, nous pouvons diviser la « trahison » dont on accuse le traducteur, souvent à tort, en quatre : deux situées dans le processus même de la traduction et deux autres en dehors de celui-ci. Le présent article vise à déculpabiliser, en partie et non pas en totalité, le traducteur de la trahison (des trahisons?) dont il est souvent chargé.

Mots clés: communication ; entropie ; traduction ; trahison ; vouloir-dire

المثال في الترجمة: ماهيته، أنواعه وخصائصه

محمد أمين دريس, 

الملخص: الملخص: يعد المثال بالنسبة لطلاب الترجمة من أبرز الوسائل المساعدة على محاكاة مختلف الوضعيات التواصلية من لغة إلى أخرى، ومن ثم فهم القصد ونقل المقصود ضمن أطر لا تشكو القصور أو العوج. وبما أنّ المترجم في اشتغاله على النصوص بصنافاتها المتنوعة لا يقتصر تعامله مع البعد اللّغوي الصرف، بل يتعداه إلى البعد الميتالغوي المحدّد لفحوى المرسلة، والأطر العقدية والثقافية والاجتماعية الحاضنة لها، فإنّه كان لزاما أن يحوز هذا الأخير على معرفة مسبقة بالإجراءات والاستراتيجيات القمينة بحل مختلف المعضلات الترجمية قشرها ولبابها، من معجمية ودلالية وأسلوبية وثقافية. وعليه تسعى هذه الدراسة إلى إلقاء الضوء على أسس المثال الترجمي التعليمية، وأبعاده الفنية، مع تبيان أنواعه وأهم خصائصه، ودوره في تحسين ترجمات المتعلمين، وتقريب الفهم إليهم على المستويين النظري والتطبيقي. Abstract: The example is one of the most important helping tools for the students of translation in simulating the various communicative situations from one language into another, and thus understanding the purpose and conveying the intent properly. Since the translator’s work on texts from various typologies is not limited to merely dealing with the linguistic dimension, but goes beyond to grasping the metalinguistic kernel which delimitates the content of the message, be it ideological, cultural or social, this latter must have a prior knowledge of the strategies and procedures worthy to resolve the different translation handicaps, at the levels of the lexis, semantics, style and culture. Therefore, the present study aims at throwing light upon the didactical fundamentals of the translational example, its technical dimensions and elucidating its types and its major characteristics, as well as its role in improving the translations of learners and bringing them understanding closer at the theoretical and practical levels.

الكلمات المفتاحية: الترجمة ; التكافؤ ; التمرين الترجمي ; طلاب الترجمة ; المثال ; المثال الترجمي

The Political Theology of Protestant Fundamentalists in the Evolution-Creationism Controversy in American Public Schools.

خنساء شريط, 

Résumé: The ongoing debate over evolution-creationism in American public schools is one of America’s major challenges. While Protestant fundamentalists showed strong resistance against the new cultural trends and changes brought by modernism, the theory of evolution has continued to gain scientific credibility. The result was a recurring conflict over teaching either evolution or creationism in the American public schools. This article explores the strategy of Protestant fundamentalists to ban the teaching of Charles Darwin’s theory. By bringing the debate to the political arena where their rejection of evolution is highlighted through major legal decisions, Supreme Court cases, and embedded networks of creationist organizations, we argue that Protestant fundamentalists sought to use the political machinery in order to check the dangerous spread of the evolution theory in the public schools. Therefore, one may reasonably question: Why do Protestant fundamentalists use the political machinery in order to settle the dispute over evolution-creationism? In this humble work we try to contribute to the debates on the controversy over evolution-creationism in the American public schools by linking its origins to the political theology of Protestant fundamentalists.

Mots clés: American Public Schools- Evolution-Creationism Controversy- Modernism- Political Machinery- Political Theology- Protestant Fundamentalists in the United States.

Blended Learning Impact on EFL Readers’ Ability to Summarize and Respond to Narrative Texts

راضية بوقبس, 

Résumé: Blended learning, an innovative approach to course design, offers consecutively a learning style that is mostly preferred by students, and assists language teachers. This research seeks to investigate the impact of Blended learning in developing students’ ability to read, summarize, and then respond in writing to narrative texts. To reach this target, a quasi-experimental design involving pretest, posttest and control group was conducted on second year English students in the Teacher Training School of Constantine. After administering a pertest prior the beginning of the training, fifty participants were assigned (not randomly) either to the experimental condition, or the control condition. During six weeks, the former was subjected to blended learning environment where participants could take advantage of both Moodle e-learning platform and in-class reading instruction; whereas the latter received materials, instruction and feedback through traditional Face-to-Face instruction. After the experiment, participants were post-tested, and a t test was used to compare the means scores. Data analysis confirmed the statistical significance of change in the means scores between the two groups proving that when using technology to combine in-class and out-of-class learning, EFL learners can reach a level of expertise in reading comprehension skills.

Mots clés: Blended learning ; Face-to-Face Reading Instruction ; Moodle E- learning Platform ; Reading Response ; Summarizing.

The Impact of EFL Algerian University Students’ Attitudes on Literary Texts Reading Motivation: The Case of Second Year English Students at Setif 2 University

جيهان مليط,  نادية ايدري, 

Résumé: Motivating EFL students to read in English has captured the attention of different researchers in the field of foreign language learning for decades. In fact, the present study aims chiefly at probing into the attitudes held towards reading English literary texts by second-year Algerian learners of English as a foreign language at the Department of Foreign Languages, University of Setif2. The current research sought to study the learners’ attitudes towards reading English literary texts and its impact on their reading motivation. It, also, fetched the factors controlling EFL learners’ motivation in reading English literary texts. It tackles sensible concern often encountered in literary text teaching: is there a correlation between learners’ attitudes and reading motivation? To this end, Data were collected through a perception questionnaire that was handed to a randomly selected sample of 150 students. The data analyses were descriptive. The analysis of this research instrument has demonstrated that the students have low reading motivation due to their negative attitudes towards reading English literary texts. Based on these findings, it is suggested that literature teachers should be incorporate the most convenient methods and techniques to meet EFL learners’ reading needs and interests. Thus, technology and new media should pave its way into the literature classes.

Mots clés: Attitudes ; Foreign Language Learning ; EFL students ; Literary Texts ; Motivation ; Reading.

Retrenchment and Obama Iraq Policy

مسدد مصطفى, 

Résumé: New occupants of the oval office tend usually to be distinct in how they conduct foreign policy and President Obama is no exception. In this regard, Obama came to office largely because he promised to depart from his predecessor’s unilateral and militaristic approach and to follow a more multilateral and restrained foreign policy. On the international stage, and in the Middle East more specifically, the Obama administration adopted a retrenchment approach that sought to cut back costly security commitments and avoided deeper involvement in emerging regional crises. When such crises called for American action, the instruments of choice for this administration ranged from multilateral sanctions, diplomacy and the reliance on regional allies to share in the burden of security. Nowhere was such approach more evident than in Iraq. This paper argues that President Obama adopted a retrenchment approach to his Iraq policy not only from commitments made by his predecessor, but also form commitments made by his administration at the beginning of his presidency.

Mots clés: American ; Foreign ; Policy ; Iraq ; Obama ; Retrenchment


Gharib Yvette,  Rached Patricia, 

Résumé: L’article vise à étudier le lien entre la communication et les déterminants de motivation des enseignants au sein d’établissements scolaires francophones privés, situés à Beyrouth et dans la banlieue. L’étude vise à répondre à la question de recherche suivante : Quelle communication de qualité, instaurant une culture institutionnelle constructive, renforce la motivation des enseignants ? Suite à une enquête par questionnaire menée à l’adresse de 28 établissements libanais, l’analyse des résultats qui s’est basée sur l’analyse multidimensionnelle a révélé une divergence dans les points de vue entre les chefs d’établissement et les enseignants. The objective of this article is to study the relationship between communication and the determinants of the teachers’ motivation within the same scholar institutions. Therefore, the question of the research is: what quality communication establishes a constructive institutional culture that enhance the teacher’s motivation? Answering this question, a survey is conducted in 28 Lebanese schools and the obtained results, according to the statistic method of multidimensional analysis, show a divergence concerning the views between school leaders and teachers.

Mots clés: Communication – motivation - sentiment d’appartenance