ALTRALANG Journal (Algerian Translation and Languages Journal) [ e-ISSN: 2710-8619 ; p-ISSN: 2710-7922 ], is an Open-Access Peer-reviewed International Journal, published biannually by the Faculty of Foreign Languages, University of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Algeria since 2019.

AIMS AND SCOPE: The main objective of ALTRALANG Journal is to contribute significantly to the body of knowledge by providing an intellectual platform for national and international scholars including postgraduate students, professors, and researchers operating in academic circles, government departments or socio-economic institutions.To promote interdisciplinary studies in humanities, languages and social science, ALTRALANG Journal is committed to publish biannually in a variety of languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Arabic and Tamazight covering both theoretical and empirical topics in fields such as Anthropology, Communication Studies, Translation Studies, Cross-Cultural Studies, Education, Ethnic Studies, History, Linguistics, Media Studies, Methodology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Social Welfare, Literature, Performing Arts, Religious Studies, Visual Arts, Women Studies, Arts and so on.

Special issues devoted to important topics in humanities and social science will occasionally be published.

PUBLICATION CHARGES: FREE   Article Processing Charges (APCs): No - Submission Charges: No.

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هام بخصوص تصنيف المجلة / JOURNAL CLASSIFICATION


ALTRALANG Journal is classified as Category "B" by The Directorate General for Scientific Research and Technological Development (DGRSDT) - Algeria

Link:   (List: ERIH PLUS -  N° 341)

NB/ It should be noted that the said lists come into force for articles submitted after January 31 , 2023.


المجلة الجزائرية للترجمة واللغات ALTRALANG Journal مصنفة "ب" من قبل المديرية العامة للبحث العلمي والتطوير التكنولوجي الجزائر DGRSDT 

الرابط: (قائمة ERIH PLUS رقم 341)

ملاحظة: تجدر الإشارة إلى أن القوائم المذكورة تدخل حيز التنفيذ بالنسبة للمقالات المقدمة بعد 31 جانفي 2023.