Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 160-179

An Exploration Of The Quality Of Business English Teaching In Algerian Higher Education: Case Of Master1 Economics Students At Tlemcen University

Authors : Larbi Qwider . Bensafa Abdelkader .


In the modern era, learning English has become among the highly requested disciplines. However, ELT in Algerian higher education needs to be updated and promoted. Evidently, except for English departments, ELT in the remaining faculties is neglected and under-estimated. For instance, in the Economics department at Tlemcen University, English courses seem to be taught ineffectively. Also, they do not fulfill the learner’s needs. The present study is an attempt to examine the quality of Business English courses delivered to Master1 Economics Students at Tlemcen University. Thus, its fundamental concern is to evaluate the effectiveness of these courses vis-à-vis ESP principles. In doing so, a set of questionnaires have been given to both teachers and students in order to collect the needed data. It has been come up to the conclusion that these courses are taught haphazardly and teachers unsatisfactorily follow ESP teaching fundamentals. Consequently, they should be advanced and promoted.


Business and Economic topics ; ELT ; Algerian Higher Education ; ESP teaching ; ESP course design ; Needs analysis