les cahiers du mecas
Volume 15, Numéro 1, Pages 34-44

Empirical Analysis On The Contribution Of Algerian Smes In Regional Development -study Territory "west Algeria"

Authors : Abdelmadjid Badri . Benhakkoum Ali . Taibi Boumedyen .


This study on the role of development of small and medium enterprises at the local level, which has become one of the most important issues of the modern world economy, and with its exceptional private and within the policies of the developed countries investment and also in developing countries such as Algeria, which places a strong emphasis on the establishment of specialized institutions support and promote small and medium enterprises, and to promote the development of local and national economy, and within the framework of achieving sustainable development through investment interest in small and medium enterprises are an important resource in local development durable. This encouragement of applications in the analysis of our efforts on regional development and to explore the idea of linking the development of small and medium enterprises and what is needed to develop the national economy in all regions. We contacted through the study of the role of small and medium enterprises in the regional development in west of Algeria territory in our sample as a viable option and should be encouraged and distribution of additional investments in accordance with the policy of investment in Algeria.


The regional development ; sustainable local development ; investment ; SMEs ; local investment