Annales de l’université d’Alger
Volume 32, Numéro 4, Pages 967-985

The Dynamic Rhythm And Its Relation With The Physical Specificities And The Physiological Abilities Of Soccer Players

Authors : Hadjidj Mouloud . أوسماعيل مخلوف .


The exploitation in the dynamic rhythm in the training and competition is considered somehow few but the known completion requirements are physical preparation (general and specific), appropriate management, good coach, availability of equipments and tools, all these integrate to form the pillars of championship. In the other hand, dynamic rhythm plays a very important role in the sport training where the athlete is, during the different day’s periods, subject to more than a rhythm that effect its physical and physiological abilities and that influence in turn on the maximum performance the athlete could perform. This has led to ask the following question: are there meaningful statistical differences according to different monthly dynamic rhythms in the physical characteristics and physiological abilities for the soccer player? The researcher has reached a number of conclusion and among the most important: There are meaningful statistical differences depending on the monthly dynamic rhythm in the explosive strength and in the anaerobic capacities of the soccer player especially in the vertical jump test of stability contrary to the horizontal jump test of which we have conclude to the inexistence of meaningful statistical differences. There no meaningful statistical differences in speed capacity in soccer players contrary to the monthly dynamic rhythm.


Dynamic rhythm ; Physical capacities ; Physiological abilities