Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 10-20

Diagnostic Des Chantiers Et Des équipements De Traite Chez Des Troupeaux Bovins Hors Sol En Milieu Semi - Aride (sahel Tunisien)

Auteurs : M’sadak Y . Mighri L .


The main objective of this study is to diagnose the conditions dealt with a visual examination of different milking implemented and monitor the operating parameters of milking machines by the conventional testing apparatus. The sample with 30 holdings as results showed that 2/3 of farmers practice cleaning teats before milking by using a dishcloth group, 2/3 of farmers are wiping teats, but with a method not recommended, about half of the farmers practice control foremilk before milking and about 2/3 of farmers practice only teat disinfection after milking by the same method (for dipping). In terms of milking equipment, 2 farmers practiced hand milking and 28 other practice machine milking pot. An examination of the condition of milking equipment and cleaning daily, carried the 28 milking machines adopted, has identified the following findings: 76% of machines are residues of milk or even stones milk, 43% of farmers practice cleaning their machines in a relatively correct. The diagnosis of the condition of operation of milking machines has revealed several anomalies of the 28 plants tested processes, for guidance include:- The majority of machines receive no maintenance. - 78% of machines tested show a gap of trafficking does not meet the standard. - 78% of machines have a pulse frequency of error for a normal milking.

Mots clés

Cattle aboveground, starts milking machine, milking, diagnosis hygienic and technical, conventional testing.