Volume 5, Numéro 1, Pages 20-29

Maintien En état De Fonctionnement Des Machines à T Raire En Pot Pour Vaches Dans La Région De Sousse (tunisie)

Auteurs : M’sadak Y . Makhlouf M . Hamed I .


The objective of this study was to diagnose the situation and the state of operation of milking machines in jar in Sousse region, semi-arid littoral zone of Tunisia. This study was performed in among a sample of 30 small and mediumdairy cattle farms aboveground. These herds subjected to mechanical milking in jar, have a size of 3 to 25 Lactation Cows per herd (average 10). The diagnosis implemented consists essentially to detect the identification and the main technical characteristics, to visually assess the general condition of cleaning and maintenance of equipments of milking and to test partially their operation, using a pulsator tester. This diagnosis revealed that milking equipment encountered is diverse on plans brand and origin and that is mainly poorly cleaned and poorly maintained. In addition, operation milking machines controlled was not satisfactory in most cases. Some abnormal failures werenoted for parameters of vacuum and pulsation. The effects of the milking machine and of the milking of cows on mammary health remain to be evaluated for a better control for mastitis treatment.

Mots clés

Dairy cattle farms aboveground, mechanical milking in jar, operation test, vacuum system, pulsation system.