Volume 5, Numéro 2, Pages 42-50

Exploitations Environnementale Et Agronomique De La Biométhanisation Rurale Appliquée Aux Déjections Bovines Reprises En Tunisie

Auteurs : M’sadak Y . Baraket S .


This work consists in studying two possible valorizations of the rural biomethanisation applied to the bovine dejections, others that energy valorization. In this respect, the follow-up of the adopted digester related to: -Analysis of certain environmental parameters (Suspended Solids: SS and Biological Oxygen Demand: BOD5), in order to establish the corresponding assessments of depollution. -An agronomic test except ground of the residues: the methacompost like substitute integral or partial of the peat and/or the compost and juice of process as a fertilizer of the market -gardening seedlings. The principal results are: -The process of rural biomethanisation allowed an insufficient reduction of the polluting load of the treated effluent, because especially of a process of digestion applied uninterrupted more or less powerful as well as an ineffective system of post processing. -The use of the peat mixed with methacompost as substrate of culture gave encouraging results with respect to the growth in height of the seedlings of pepper produced. -The juice of bovine process diluted at a rate of water 75% showed interesting power fertilizing, all the more absence observed of integral fading with the concentrated fertigation.

Mots clés

Bovine dejections, rural digester, assessment of depollution, juice of bovine process, methacompost bovine.