Traduction et Langues
Volume 11, Numéro 2, Pages 195-201

La Réforme De 2003 Et Son Impact Sur La Citoyenneté à Travers Le Manuel De Français De La 3a.s. Dans Son édition De 2007 état Des Lieux / The 2003 Reform And Its Impact On Citizenship Through The 3 In Its 2007 Edition:state Of Arts

Auteurs : Touati Mohammed .


The national tragedy that Algeria experienced exposed all the shortcomings of the Algerian school of the time and thus revealed the deep reasons for the crisis that shook the Algerian society. This tragedy also and above all marks the failure of the axiological values advocated by national education. Values which are nevertheless very present throughout all the official literature - ministerial circular, educational documents, programs, - but which deserve to be revisited to define the true profile of the Algerian citizen of tomorrow as wanted by the Algerian school through the design of new textbooks. These didactic tools born from the 2003 reform work to train the Algerian of tomorrow, an Algerian resolutely open to the world. This examination will also make it possible to question the legitimacy and the aims of an education which determine the content to be offered. An education in citizenship could then impose itself and thus constitute the only guarantee of a resolutely modern society. The work we have done has shown that overall the axiological values are present in this Algerian textbook even if they are not treated in the same way. The recommended axiological values should naturally fit into our school textbooks which are inspired by the action-oriented approach? This is the case with this manual. However, it is permissible to question the ability of our teachers to apply it properly. How many revolutionary approaches have experienced bitter failure for lack of being properly applied in class practices? The implementation in secondary education in 2003 of the new program resulting from the education reform will lead teachers to assume new educational responsibilities. Moreover, with the introduction of these new values, they will have to intervene in this new disciplinary field of citizenship education. that's why “The initial and continuing training of teachers must therefore take into account a series of factors ranging from the acquisition of theoretical foundations to the development of intellectual skills through the practice of effective learning strategies. » However, this action-oriented approach - an ideal framework for realizing this objective which, according to Christian Puren, is to train the learner to become a real social actor - has not yet managed to penetrate language classes because of the reluctance displayed by teachers who apprehend any didactic innovation that may disturb them. It is high time to remedy this situation. At the end of this brief analysis, we take the liberty of proposing these few avenues of research for better management of axiological values in the language classroom.

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Textbook, society, Algerian school, axiological values, purposes, citizen, openness to the world, tragedy