IMAGO Interculturalité et Didactique
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 51-63

Approche Communicative Et/ou Approche Actionnelle ? Cas Du Manuel De Français De La 1ère Année Moyenne

Auteurs : Touati Mohammed .


School reform initiated in Algeria since 2002 always raises questions and criticism, sometimes justified on the part of family education. Although it is too early to establish a definitive assessment of this new experience, however, we can detect here and there some disturbing shortcomings The illustration is given by the new French textbook of 1A.M. This teaching tool suffers from a number of inconsistencies: two major abnormalities characterize it: -Content offered there go against the methodological framework decided by the Algerian school, the communicative approach. Indeed, quite the action-oriented approach which is illustrated A cursory reading of the official program confirms implicitly since all the features of the action-oriented approach are present without this new concept is explained: the word appears nowhere! -In the same contents, some components of the communicative approach and action-oriented approach "live" together, thus creating confusion of methodological serious. It speaks of centration of the learner, while almost everything is centered on the group. On the autonomy of the learner, hut that's the group that is made! A cacophony that unveils certainly a DIY putting into trouble learner and teacher.

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Teaching, Approach, Language, French, Textbook