Volume 17, Numéro 2, Pages 37-68

التعدّد اللغويّ: نظرة في بعض التجارب

الكاتب : Besnaci Mohammed .


Abstract: This paper deals with plurilingualism. In fact, plurilingualism concerns many countries in the world. We will identify its nature and discuss the main reasons that made it as a fact. It seems interesting to examine models of countries which have long and different plurilingualism experiences. The objective is double: firstly, to see how they treat this sociolinguistic reality, and secondly to distinguish their solutions to the coexistence of different languages in the same area. Then, we will analyze the linguistic context in Algeria, because it has its own characteristics. We will therefore try to understand to what extent plurilingualism can be an advantage on the one hand, and to reach an efficient didactic system, on the other. The idea is to get an educational system which can be far from the sterile language conflict. Nevertheless, this sort of conflict cannot be meaningful in any way, except being a waste of time and energy.

الكلمات المفتاحية

Keywords: Arabic; plurilingualism: language conflict; foreign language; peace of languages; didactics.