Traduction et Langues
Volume 15, Numéro 1, Pages 166-180

Les Activités Ludiques Comme Outils Favorisant L’apprentissage De La Compétence Langagière : Cas Des élèves De 5ème Ap

Auteurs : Gaidi Karima .


The teaching of the French language is regressing more in Algeria and it is an observation that has sufficiently motivated us to approach this subject, with a view precisely to leading to the diagnostic explanation of an aspect of the didactic situation of French in Algeria. We have estimated, following the reading of many research works which encourage the teaching of poetry from an early age that, through poetry, the child simultaneously learns phonetic competence, enriches his lexicon and learns the initiation where the child appreciates stylistic beauty in rhyme and syllabization…etc. In the perspective of proposing an element of response for the didactization of the oral skill, using playful activities such as the poem and the nursery rhyme, we plan to carry out or exploit different supports: a field survey, recitation , public speaking with the aim of constituting an authentic corpus and subsequently identifying qualifying results, which will serve in a global and conclusive sequence as an element of direct intervention in the change-remediation of the problematic situation of French in Algeria. To this end, several questions are imposed on us as an observer and future researcher, which requires, first of all, a rigorous and scientific analysis of the reality of the teaching / learning of French: why the teaching / learning declines further in Algeria? How can poems and nursery rhymes develop and promote the learning of French in an optimal way and improve the competence in terms of oral expression in the Algerian pupil? Such an approach requires a descriptive approach, pinpointing the nature of the disability phonetically and phonetically. In a global sequence, we try to identify a typology of language defects identified from our research in order to propose an operational didactic tool to constitute an answer to our problem. In this article, we are analyzing firstly the playful aspect in schools, then the interest behind it in Teaching and finally the learning of French as a foreign language. The first objective of this aspect is to facilitate access to Foreign Languages, because it has a positive part in the life of the child and plays a primary and crucial role in the linguistic development through the diversity of forms such as: nurseries rhyme, poems, songs and games...etc.

Mots clés

Poems-Songs, Motivation, Learning, Teaching oral skills, Foreign language, Acquisition – linguistic comeptence