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Traduction et Langues

The journal of "Traduction & Langues" invites national and international scholars within the specialty and greater scholastic public to apply their candidancy as reviewers responsable for reviewing manuscripts in their various aspects.

TRADUCTION ET LANGUES (Translation and Languages) is a blind peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research and survey articles in the fileds of Applied Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting studies, Discourse Analysis, Humanities and Social Sciences from theoretical and pratical perspectives. The journal aims at promoting international scholarly exchanges among researchers, academics and practitioners to foster intercultural communication by providing insights into local and global languages and cultures. The journal is distinguished by its multidisciplinary dimension and plurilingual orientation. The journal is published one issue a year, sometimes two issues, starting with issue 2001/1 and accepts original papers, reports and reviews in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Deutsch, and Russian. 
Scope and Aims : • Translation and terminology. • Applied Linguistics • Lexicology and Lexicography. • Discourse Studies. • First, second, and forign language teaching/learning. • Cross-cultural communication. • Language teaching for academic and specific purposes. • Crirical Discourse analysis and Literary studies. • ICTS and pedagogical practices. • Religious studies.

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