Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 157-168

Tourismus Als Ubertragungsmedium Für Sprachen Und Kulturen

Auteurs : Benattou Rachida .


This article focuses on tourism and its role as a vehicle for the transmission and discovery of the culture of the Other. But without the mastery of a common language of communication, exchange can't be entirely operative, because the language remains the essential means of facilitating this transmission, far from any consideration of origin, race or colour. Usually, learning a foreign language in a school environment is limited to the acquisition of a linguistic code, oriented towards the learning by heart of the rules of grammar and vocabulary, and the aim of teaching a language is to develop in the learner an ethical dimension enabling to understand and be understood in the target language. The objective of this intervention is to analyze the phenomenon of intercultural encounters within the framework

Mots clés

tourism, language, transmission vector, culture, interculturality.