Al Athar مجلة الأثـــــــــــــــر
Volume 13, Numéro 21, Pages 103-112

هوية الأدب بين الحضور والغياب في الخطاب النقدي العربي ما بعد الكولونيالي L'identité De La Littérature Entre La Fréquentation Et L'absence Dans Le Discours Critique Arabe Postcolonial

الكاتب : ثابت طارق .


The term postcolonial critical discourse refers to a temporal / historical transition (colonial period, postcolonial period - liberation and independence). Literature and criticism produced under the influence of the situation created by imperialism are literature and postcolonial criticism, From there arises the problem of the postcolonial critical discourse that deals with memory and identity, and relationship between them, focusing on Edouard Saïd and Abdullah Aroui, both Arab theorists of post colonialism. These are different questions that will try to answer this work.

الكلمات المفتاحية

postcolonial literature, identity, cultural criticism, postcolonial criticism