Traduction et Langues
Volume 13, Numéro 1, Pages 8-27

L’effet De La Séquentialité Dans Le Parler Bilingue Algérien : Quelques Procédés Conversationnels Productifs Dans Les Codes Mixtes / The Effect Of Sequencing In Algerian Bilingual Speech: Some Productive Conversational Processes In Mixed Codes

Authors : Ouhamiche Ghania .


This paper deals with some conversational strategies operating in bilingual speech as illustrated in some occurrences drawn from Algerian Arabic/French code-switching in the two directions. The idea that shapes this paper is mainly based on Alfonzetti assumption viewing code-switching (CS) as a contextualization strategy, independently from grammatical and macro-sociolinguistic contexts. In this sense, the contrast created by CS will be exploited by bilingual speakers to mark constant changes of footing. Henceforth, these theoretical conceptions will be supported by empirical evidence drawn from the analysis of some instances of CS characterizing the bilingual speech of some Algerian students in different settings. Furthermore, our attention will be directed mainly towards the conversational and pragmatic significance of code-alternations.


bilingual speech, Algerian Arabic/French, code-switching, contextualization strategy,code-alternations