Revue des reformes Economique et intégration dans l’économie mondiale
Volume 2, Numéro 3, Pages 135-148

دور وأهمية نظام المعلومات التسويقية في مراقبة البيئة التسويقية للمؤسسة مع إشارة إلى حالة المؤسسة الجزائرية

الكاتب : لعلاوي عمر .


Abstract: The present paper focuses upon the importance and role of marketing information system and its contribution in formulating the marketing strategy. The system offer to the marketer the needed information from the company environment, the collect such information will allow the company to adapt rapidly to its environment. In essence, therefore, in formulating a marketing strategy, the company should gather information about micro and macro environment, especially concerning consumers and competitors in order to gain competitive advantage. Also, the system allow the company to understand the ways in which the environment pressures can be related to its capabilities. There is therefore a need for the marketer to monitor the environment, so that, opportunities and threats facing the company can be defined.

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