Marketing and business research review
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 36-55

Migration And The Development Of Nations

Authors : Williams Akpan . Ogosi Francis . Weniebi Zibigha . Andem Francis .


This study is on migration and the development of nations citing the case of Nigeria between the period of 2000 and 2019. The objective of the study was to examine some migration variables and their effects on development in Nigeria. Data as obtained from the World Bank, OECD and UNDP databases were utilized in the study using the ex post facto research design. Descriptive and regression analyses (SPSS 21) were employed in the study. Migration was proxied by migrant stock outflows and remittance inflows while development was represented by the human development index. The results showed that migration has a significant effect on development in Nigeria. This indicates that employment overseas alongside remittances, and the Diasporas can aid development, however they will not eliminate the structural limitations and frailty of the economy. Its recommended that the Nigerian government improve on structural constraints and look past the monetary value of the remittance flows then give greater attention to the circumstances in which these monies are being earned while taking into consideration the hardships that its citizens must endure to send monies home. This is very critical as migration or population movements ought not to be regarded as a long-drawn developmental strategy.


Migration ; Remittances ; Development ; Human Development Index ; Nigeria