Marketing and business research review
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 25-35

Corporate Social Responsibility And Profitability: Exploring Schwart And Carroll’s Three-domain Model

Authors : Oyedeko Yusuf . Fadare Mudasiru . Samson Regina .


The study examines effect of corporate social responsibility on profitability of deposit money banks with an emphasis on Schwartz Carroll’s three-domain model. Survey research design was used for the study. The source of the data is primary source and the data were gathered through administered questionnaires. The study employed ordinary least square regression analysis. The study found that economic and ethical responsibilities have positive and significant effect on profitability of deposit money banks in Nigeria while legal responsibility has a negative but significant effect on deposit money banks in Nigeria. The study concluded that the component of Schwartz and Carroll’s three-domain model has positive effect on profitability of deposit money banks in Nigeria. In view of this, the study recommends that the management of deposit money banks should not view legal responsibility as social cost rather social investment and this will create greater social acceptance and prestige for the banks in environment where they operate.


Corporate Social Responsibility, Profitability, social cost, social investment, Schwart and Carroll’s Three-Domain Model.