Revue tadamsa d'unegmu
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 96-108

Dynamic And Emergence Of Development Territorial, Algerian Cluster Study

Authors : Ferdj Younes . Hammadi Abdelkader .


The objective of this paper is to discuss and analysethe emerging biotech cluster Sidi Abdallah (Algiers). We mainly focus on innovative clusters concept in the area of biotech as a mode of organization and agglomeration of innovation actors. The study uses data from fieldwork conducted in Sidi Abddallah biotech cluster involving several institutions (enterprises, ministries, research centers, universities) together with secondary data mostly from private and public organizations. We have come to the conclusion cluster policy is often ineffective in peripheral regions because of the scarcity of some determinants such as : intermediary institutions, regulatory framework, coordination between the different actors involved in the project, local demand, anchor firms, Insufficient cluster critical mass and slow cluster life cycle.


Peripheral Clusters ; Emergence ; Territorial Dynamic ; Algeria