Management and social perspectives
Volume 1, Numéro 2, Pages 74-108

Professional Master In Algerian Universities: Current Status And Prospects

Authors : Boutkhil Guemide .


The higher education sector in Algeria has been radically transformed by the recent reforms that have been introduced and which resulted by implementing the L. M. D. system as a substitute for the classical system since 2004. This transformation was due to some external and internal factors that forced Algeria to move towards adopting the L. M. D. system; such as globalizing the higher education sector and the need to adapt the higher education sector to the labor market. The L. M. D. system comprises three basic stages: License Degree (three years), Master Degree (two years), and Ph. D (three years). After the completion of the License degree, Algerian universities offer several study programmes for the bachelor students in order to achieve the post- graduation in university studies, starting with Master Degree. However, most of the Master programmes are purely academic in nature, and the Professional Master programmes are mostly absent. The present paper discusses the status of Professional Master programmes in the Algerian universities through an analytical and statistical study in order to identify the obstacles of the Professional Master programmes and its prospects in the Algerian universities.


L. M. D. system, Higher education, Professional Master programmes.