Management and social perspectives


"Management and Social Perspectives" is an international academic peer-reviewed journal, bi-annual , free of charge and open access, it publishs original research in English, French and Arabic languages since 2022 by "Sustainable Development Engineering, University Responsibility and Social Integration"  laboratory, at the Faculty of Economics Business and Management Sciences -  University of Oran 2 Mohamed Ben Ahmed, Algeria.  The journal focuses on the following topics: Management sciences, Management, social sciences, renewable energy, social responsibility, innovation. It welcomes original and high-quality papers that reflect sound methodologies, updated theoretical and empirical analyses and conform to the standards of publication in the journal. Our aim is to share research advances in management and social studies, we will promoting the publication of original, new and relevant research in our international journal, and to promote the exchange of scientific information between researchers, it encourages –up to date studies and contributes as such to the scientific development. All papers from researchers, academics, professionals, practitioners and students from over the world are very welcome in our international journal. Manuscripts have to respect the scientific research ethics and the intellectual property rights, and can be sent at any time for the two issues (in June and December), a team of arbitrators in various disciplines from national universities and foreign research centers which arbitrate the articles. The target audience of the journal is very varied: the research sector community, both nationally and internationally, the economic and socio-economic sector community, teachers and students


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