Traduction et Langues
Volume 20, Numéro 2, Pages 218-245

Alternance Codique Intra-phrastique Dans La Signalétique Commerciale Bi-/plurilingue De La Ville De Bouira : Mise à L’épreuve Des Modèles Mlf Et 4-m De Myers-scotton Et Jake

Auteurs : Abbas Mourad .


The present article is part of academic research focusing on the sociolinguistic relationships that may exist between alternate uses of languages and urban commercial enunciation. These relationships turn out, in fact, to be complex, problematic, but also motivating in the context of commercial signage in the city of Bouira, particularly with regard to intra-sentential language contacts. Thus, we will try throughout this article to study the socio-linguistic practice called intra- sentential code-switching at the level of some texts of bi -/multilingual commercial signs spotted in this city. To do this, and after selecting statements, each of which represents an alternation of two intra - order linguistic codes, we will then transpose the two models of American linguists Myers-Scotton and Jake: the model " MLF "(Matrix Language Frame) and its extension the Model "4-M" (Four types of Morphemes). The crucial objective will be to reveal how linguistic hierarchy and morphematic distribution are manifested by distinct linguistic structures, segments or elements (syntactic, lexical, etc.). Moreover, the application of the two models in question has allowed us to better understand the linguistic, social, psychological, commercial, etc. functions and motivations related to the phenomenon of intra-sentential code-switching. Finally, these functions and motivations, related to the heterogeneity of linguistic and morphematic participation of alternating codes, seemed extremely disparate to us but also congruent taking into account the socioloinguistic singularities of the speaking traders and those of their city, the city of Bouira. This city perceived as an Arabo (Berber) urban entity in the Northern center of Algeria.

Mots clés

Urban sociolinguistics, City of Bouira, intra- sentential code-switching, MLF model, 4-M model, bi-/ multilingual commercial sign