La Revue des Sciences Commerciales
Volume 14, Numéro 1, Pages 104-118

Impact De La Veille Stratégique Dans Le Marché De La Téléphonie Mobile En Algérie Approche Exploratoire

Auteurs : Ouacherine Hassane . Boudjema Malika .


In a hypercompetitive environment, Business Intelligence is a high value-added activity whose aim is to support decision making. Thus, it allows the search for targeted information and its sure treatment to distribute it to appropriate recipients. This process is a vehicle of information within the company, and it is one that, through its contribution to the company development, helps to perfect decision making processes. Business Intelligence enables the creation of an organizational culture focused on information and, therefore, an organization that generates knowledge that supports action.

Mots clés

Business Intelligence, information, decision, environment.