Volume 16, Numéro 1, Pages 1054-1073

The Role Of Using Psychological Preparation Programs To Improve The Level Of Football Players. A Study-field Done On Some Of Football Clubs State Teams In Bouira.

Authors : Arezki Ismail .


The current study has aimed to try to identify the role of the psychological preparations of the teams in order to increase the sportive performance and the development of the psyche skills of the players .and it has been selected to highlight the extreme importance that the specialized programs of the psychological training which are based upon scientific true bases that can be used throughout the phase of the training and more especially during the competition phase to promote the sportive performance of the athlete. And the psychological preparations to the addressed sportive figure is considered among the most important factors for arriving to the aimed results taken into account the difference and the qualities and the criteria of the players whom would be tested. Also this study aimed to show the acknowledgement the great important role of the psychological therapist and also the trainer or the coach in preparing the players from the psychological side – through programs that has been prepared and applied at an early preparation teams and also this study sought to reveal the facts about making and preparing youngsters teams of Bouira state football game. And as far as the methodological approach the researcher had used a descriptive approach for being thr most suitable for the nature of the search. and the community of the research constituted of the active teams at the level of the union state of Bouira football teams the category of the youngsters and the selection of the sample was done randomly in which it is made of 32 players been selected from the amateurs ‘sport club the team of Oued el Berdi and the one of Merzdour and it has been relied upon the survey as a mean to gather the Data and to know how important it the fact of the psychological preparation programs at the early training phase and especially during the competition phase . Also the researcher has used means of measurements constituted of percentage levels and the test of square F. After gathering the Data and analyzing it statistically .the results showed that the implication of the hypothesis and revealed the importance of the psychological preparation to the sportive and the role that it plays and adds for improving the sportive performance.


psychological preparation programs - sportive acheivemetns – a football player – youngsters category .