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1- تنهي ادارة تحرير المجلة الى كل المؤلفين المقبولة مقالاتهم للنشر ادراج المراجع حتى يتسنى لنا برمجتها في العدد القادم .

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2-الرجاء من الجميع  ضرورة الاطلاع على جميع الوثائق المتعلقة بالنشر في المجلة، وعلى الباحث أن يحمل نموذج قالب المجلة  والذي يوجد ضمنه ملف تعليمات النشر، ومن خلاله يتم الاطلاع على النموذج المعتمد في المجلة، والتعليمات المطلوب الالتزام بها عند نسخ ولصق المقال، فيما يخص الخطوط والهوامش . 








Territorialized social movements: the Maghreb, from the margins to the center The case of the Hirak Rif movement

الرامي ايمان,  شيماء شنيك, 

Résumé: Starting from a long-term ethnographic survey (2016-2019) on the "Hirak Rif" movement, this article questions the modalities of politicization of marginalized communities. Located in the north of Morocco,On October 28, 2016 in Al-Hoceïma, Mohcine Fikri died crushed in a dumpster while trying to recover the merchandise that had been confiscated by the authorities. The 31-year-old was a fish merchant. He was accused of being in possession of nearly 500 kg of swordfish, which was banned from fishing during this period. He was killed opposing the destruction of his cargo in a dumpster.His death was the starting point for the protest in the Rif. It is a region of northern Morocco whose history is marked by the repression and marginalization it suffered during the reign of Hassan II.Then the events of 1958-1959, followed by the issuance of a military dahir to make Al Hoceima a military region, and the unrest of 1984 and the disturbances of 1984 and called the Rif people a slogan (awbash) in an official letter from the late King Hassan II, and all these elements reflect the state of the rift between the region and the central authority continuing until today that the era of reconciliation could not erase it. Rif residents agree that the reconciliation experience did not succeed in folding the countryside file in a way that amounts to reconciliation, where memory and history have been surpassed, until 2016, many Rif youth were arrested, the emigration of others and accusing the population of seeking separation and “work” abroad these concepts are consistent with the historical concept that was described by the region before independence” bled Siba”; what this means is that the Rif protest practice Identity memory practice, governed by social frameworks. This was observed through the presence of the Amazigh flag (Tamazgha) and the flag of the countryside of the countryside (Bandu Nereef), and the adoption of a discourse based on the principles of local and regional identities: common language (Tarifit), race, and collective history: Muhammad bin Abdul Karim al-Khattabi)and the slogans he raised The demonstrators. In addition to "pledging allegiance to the protests," Whenever the population of the Rif contests the policy of power, the Makhzen responds with violence and marginalization of the region, thus preparing the conditions for a new cycle of protest and repression. This in fact explains, to a large extent, the motive behind choosing the subject of this study, it appears that focusing on the historical factor is also very important to understand of the protests and to move away from interpretations one-dimensional focusing on economic and social dimensions only. The objective of this article is to include the study of the mobilizations of marginalized communities in a more global sociological analysis.

Mots clés: Margins, Social Mobilizations, collective identity -welfare state- social state-Uneven Development

فاعلية الذات في ضوء أنماط التنشئة الأسرية السلبية (التدليل) لدى تلميذ المرحلة الابتدائية -دراسة نظرية تحليلة-

حامدي صبرينة,  بوبكر منصور, 

الملخص: يعد مفهوم فاعلية الذات من أكثر المفاهيم النظرية العلمية أهمية في علم النفس الحديث فقد وضعه باندورا (bandoura) تحت اسم توقعات فاعلية الذات أو معتقدات الفرد عن قدراته لينجز النجاح في سلوكا معينا أو مجموعة من السلوكات وهذه المعتقدات تؤثر على سلوك الفرد وأدائه ومشاعره. وتلعب التنشئة الاجتماعية دورا بارزا في تكون شخصية الفرد باعتبارها احدى مؤسسات التنشئة الاجتماعية وحجر الزاوية في اعداد النشء وتعتبر الاسرة أولى المؤسسات التي تقع على عاتقها مسؤولية تنشئة الأجيال حيث ينشأ فيها الفرد على مختلف انماطه العمرية ليبدأ الاحتكاك بعالم الأشخاص و تختلف أساليب التنشئة الاسرية بالنسبة للأسرة إلى تنشئة سلبية وتنشئة إيجابية ،ففي مقالنا نركز على أحد أنماط التنشئة الاسرية السلبية وبالضبط أسلوب التدليل مما يخلفه من اثارا سيئة وسلبية على التكوين النفسي والشخصي الطفل كالسرعة الغضب والحساسية والعزلة والانطواء ..الخ .وهو عبارة عن مقال علمي نظري، هدفه التعرف على فاعلية الذات في ضوء احد أنماط التنشئة الأسرية السلبية لدى تلميذ المرحلة الابتدائية. The concept of self-efficacy is one of the most important scientific theoretical concepts in modern psychology, as Bandoura put it under the name of expectations of self-efficacy or beliefs of an individual about his abilities to achieve success in a specific behavior or group of behaviors and these beliefs affect an individual’s behavior, performance and feelings. Social upbringing plays a prominent role in the formation of the personality of the individual as it is one of the institutions of socialization and the cornerstone of the preparation of young people. The family is considered the first institution that has the responsibility of bringing up generations, where the individual grows up in his various age patterns to begin contact with the world of people and the methods of family upbringing differ for the family to Negative upbringing and positive upbringing, in our article we focus on one of the patterns of negative family upbringing and precisely the pampering method, which has bad and negative effects on the psychological and personal formation of the child such as speed, anger, sensitivity, isolation, introversion ... etc. It is a theoretical scientific article aimed at identifying the effectiveness of the self in Light is one of the negative family upbringing patterns of the elementary school student.

الكلمات المفتاحية: فاعلية الذات،التنشئة الاسرية،التدليل. تلميذ المرحلة الابتدائية ; self-efficacy, family upbringing, pampering. Elementary school student

عوامل قوة الجيش الاشوري

هاشم شيت أزهار, 

الملخص: إن من أهم المظاهر البارزة في حياة وتاريخ الإمبراطورية الآشورية هو القوة العسكرية ، فقد كان تاريخ الملوك الآشوريين عبارة عن سلسلة من الحملات العسكرية الى مختلف الجهات ولا سيما في الألف الأول قبل الميلاد لذا كان اعتماد الدولة الآشورية على جيشها المنظم والمزود بأقوى وأحسن الأسلحة ، وكان الجيش الآشوري من أكثر الجيوش كفاءة في العالم حيث كان بالإمكان استدعاء الرجال القادرين على القتال كافة في ظروف استثنائية جدا . One of the most prominent manifestations in the life and history of the Assyrian Empire is military power, the history of the Assyrian kings was a series of military campaigns to various sides, especially in the first millennium BC So the Assyrian state relied on its organized army and equipped with the strongest and best weapons, and the army The Assyrians are one of the most efficient armies in the world where men who were able to fight in all exceptional circumstances could be summoned. In this paper, we reviewed aspects of the military reforms introduced by the Assyrian kings that helped to establish the Assyrian Empire.

الكلمات المفتاحية: قوة ; الجيش ; الاشوري ; حملات عسكرية

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