Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 2288-2296

Effects Of Maternel Dietary Fiber Supplementation On Biochemical Parameters And Oxidative Stress Markers In Obese Pregnant Rats And Their Offspring.

Authors : Baba Ahmed Fatima Zohra* .


Abstract Description of the subject: Maternal nutrition before and during pregnancy, is an easily modifiable environmental factor that can affect fetal growth and development with potential long-term consequences. The concept of « fetal programming » implies fetal life alterations expose to further developpment of pathologies. The research for new treatments based on dietary fiber therapies has turned to finds their beneficial effects on the pathogenesis of maternal obesity. Dietary fiber has multiple properties with potential biological activity. Objective : The current study investigates the role of a highly pure enriched cellulose diet in the modulation of biochemical parameters and oxidant/ antioxidant markers in cafeteria-induced obese rats and their offspring. Methods: Female rats receive during two months before and during pregnancy control diet or cafeteria supplemented or not with cellulose. Pregnant rats and their offspring were also fed on similar diet. At the end of the experiment, biochemical parameters were analyzed, the liver is used to determine the oxidative stress markers in mitochondrial liver homogenates. Results: The results show that the cafeteria diet induced obesity associated with various plasma metabolic disorders and increased intra-mitochondrial hepatic oxidative stress in both mothers and their offspring. Cellulose diet supplementation induced a modulation of the oxidative stress, improving metabolic status Conclusion: Maternal dietary fiber supplementation enriched with cellulose displayed remarkable health benefits and can be a strategy against obesity and its complications.


Keywords: Cafeteria; dietary fiber (Cellulose); maternal obesity; pregnant rat; offspring; biochemical parameters; oxidative stress.

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