La Revue des Sciences Commerciales
Volume 15, Numéro 1, Pages 09-34

La Pratique Du Marketing Dans Le Secteur Hôtelier En Algerie

Auteurs : Alliouche-laradi Bahia . Bendimared Sonya .


The effects of globalisation have propelled the Algerian companies in an atmosphere where rules of market are merciless. The durability of these companies, mostly those which belong to the sector of hotel is dependent on the efficiency of its marketing policy. Therefore the orientation to marketing by its measure has become an important condition to implement a competitive service’s offer to preserve their market shares and continue to wax. Especially that these institutions are not respecting deadlines. They have a lot to provide in this domain as well to get a new marketing culture and enable them to move ahead of the competitive firms.

Mots clés

Algeria, hotel marketing, servuction, service, pricing, communication, distribution.