Volume 17, Numéro 4, Pages 59-71

Critical Flow In A Triangular-shaped Channel

Authors : Achour Bachir . Amara Lyes .


The functional (yc;m;S0;;) = 0 relationship has been well defined and theoretically established for the triangular-shaped channel, where yc is the critical depth, m is the side slope, S0 is the channel bottom slope,  is the absolute roughness, and  is the kinematic viscosity of the flowing water. A thorough investigation of the function revealed that the critical depth yc is governed by a cubic equation without second-order term. Its analytical resolution is very easy when one uses the circular or hyperbolic trigonometry. The article ends with the study of the special case of the smooth triangular-shaped channel of a 90° apex angle by examining the equation that governs the critical depth It turned out that yc is given by an explicit equation, as a function of m, S0, and  . In addition, it has been demonstrated that, for such a canal, the more the slope S0 increases, the more the critical depth decreases. Moreover, it was observed that, for the same slope S0, the critical depth decreases as the side slope m increases, i.e. when the apex angle of the channel increases. For slopes S0 less than 0.0012, the critical depths are so high that they are outside the practical context. As a matter of fact, for the slope S0 = 0.0012, the critical depth already reaches more than 5m.


Triangular channel ; critical depth ; normal depth ; critical flow ; dischare ; slope

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