Volume 18, Numéro 3, Pages 75-105

New Theoretical Considerations On The Gradually Varied Flow In A Wide Rectangular Channel

Authors : Achour Bachir . Amara Lyes .


The computation of backwater curves is often encountered in various applications of hydraulic engineering, especially those related to the gradually varying flow in open channels. The knowledge and the mastery of the varied flow condition the correct sizing of the canal. The objective of our study is to contribute to the establishment of an analytical protocol, as simple as possible, with the aim of proposing a generalized relation to the calculation of the gradually varied flow in a wide rectangular channel. The introduction of new dimensionless parameters leads to a differential equation different from those proposed in previous works. The attention will focus mainly on the cases of horizontal and critical channel slopes given their interest on the mathematical side of the problem.


Gradually varied flow ; GVF ; backwater curve ; drawdown curve ; slope ; wide rectangular channel ; control section ; analytical solution