Revue des Sciences Fondamentales Appliquées
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 254-271

Contribution To The Experimental Study Of The Hydraulic Jump Evolving In An U-shaped Channel, With Rough Bed

Auteurs : Ghomri A. . Riguet F. .


This study aims to investigate the threshold-controlled hydraulic jump, moving in channel profile 'U' fully rough for a single roughness value  = 7,14 mm. Functional relations in dimensionless terms, linking the different characteristics of the jump, showing the effect of bottom friction channel, are obtained as: y2= (-14,19y1 + 6, 42) Q*; y2= 1,13y10,65 exp [0,95y10,61.s/h1] . The method is as follows: we vary the flow volume by manipulating the valve and their measurements are read directly on the meter display éctronique. Supply channel is by means of a pump flow up 40 l / s. The flume was designed in the laboratory 'LARHYSS, University of Biskra.

Mots clés

Hydraulic jump, channal-shaped in U, stilling basin, channel bottom rough.