Journal of Studies in Language, Culture and Society (JSLCS)
Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 15-26

Teachers‟ Attitudes Towards Integrating Technology In English Language Classrooms Of Biskra University Through Moodle Platform

Authors : Saihi Hanane .


E-learning has become one of the necessities of higher educational institutions in Algeria. To offer innovative teaching technologies, these institutions integrated Moodle Platform to get with the advent of e-learning technology. The present study explores the attitudes of the teachers towards the use of Moodle Platform as a pedagogical tool in EFL classes of Biskra University, and the challenges that they face to use such a platform. To collect data, a questionnaire was administered to teachers to know their attitudes regarding to the integration of Moodle as an electronic platform in the process of teaching and learning English in the classroom and the challenges they face. The results showed that teachers do not adequately master Moodle platform access, and they still urge the use of the traditional classroom-based teaching for the reason that there is a lack of training amongst these teachers as well their students to use this platform. Furthermore, based on the teachers‟ views, the students have almost no idea about this electronic platform. Yet, the challenges facing the implementation of IT skills in teaching and learning the English language are mainly administrative and pedagogical. They are represented in the lack of e-learning sources for all classes and the lack of training to use technology-based classrooms from both teachers and students


Attitudes, challenges, e-learning technology, Moodle platform, traditional classroom.