FORUM DE L' ENSEIGNANT منتدى الأستاذ
Volume 11, Numéro 1, Pages 207-230

كتاب تعلماتي الأولى. دفتر الأنشطة اللغوية للتربية التحضيرية

الكاتب : شاكر لقمان .


This study aims at analyzing the content of the language activities for the preparatory level of education in Algeria. We have chosen the activities of reading, writing and line drawing, included in the official curriculum for the pre-primary step because of the specificity of the se activities for beginners; being a rich and influential subject in terms of fostering environmental attitudes and values in the pupils. We have also focused on this primary step due to the fact that the latter has a special importance in building basic learning existing in the program, in addition to its response, i.e., its compatibility with the child’s needs, its benefit to his developmental traits and in the formation of both values and attitudes for him. Moreover, because the sense of exploration of children begins to grow at this stage (it is instinctive, from birth, before age 5), this, on the one hand, facilitates the operation of fostering values and attitudes in them, and on the other, the importance of this step comes from the tendency of its children from knowing what’s happening in their surroundings, thus encouraging their curiosity to discover its reality and the natural problems they feel.Fur ther, there is an attempt to know the suggested solutions to those problems, and their love of heroism, enjoyable adventures as well the fertile imagination to suggest the solutions in order to solve the problems.

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الدفتر،الأنشطة اللغوية، التربية التحضيرية،