Volume 3, Numéro 1, Pages 56-65

Contrôle De La Qualité Microbiologique Des Eaux Usées Domestiques Et Industrielles De La Ville De Fès Au Maroc

Auteurs : El Ouali Lalami Abdelhakim . Bekhti Khadija . Berrada Sanae . Zanibou Allal . Fadil Fatima . Merzouki Mohammed .


In absence of an adequate station of wastewater treatment of the town of Fès, which is located in the center - north ofMorocco, these last are directly poured in the rivers. Within the framework of the monitoring of the hydrous transportable diseases ( cholera, typhoid, hepatitis, parasitoses ... ) and in orderto evaluate the consecutive damage, we carried out a microbiological study, for the spring and estival period of the years 2010, 2011 and 2012, over nin stations collecting domestic and industrial wastewater of the town of Fès. The results obtained of the evolution ofbacteriological and parasitological pollution show a significant pollution represented by the presence and identification of species of Salmonella typhi and of parasites particularly the cysts of protozoan Entamoeba histolitica, Entamoeba coli and Giardia lamblia with average contents of about 4,3xl04 cysts/l; 8,4xl03 cysts/l and 5,2 104 cysts/l respectively, and of helminths eggs with average concentrations from 2 to 33 eggs/l. The choleric vibrios were not detected in ail the studied stations of wastewater. The number of the micro-organisms met exceeds the limits indicated by the directives of WHO and the Moroccan standards into force. The micro-organisms met can be at the origin of a medical risk in particular the cause of mild or serious infections: gastro-enteritis, Diarrheic, ascariasis, Dysenterie, hepatitis, typhoid, leptospirosis

Mots clés

Wastewater, microbial pollution, medical risk, Fès, Morocco