Revue Algérienne des Sciences Juridiques et Politiques
Volume 50, Numéro 5, Pages 217-225

Faire La Révolution à La Sahraouie:new Politics, New Legal Regimes – New Property

Authors : Révolution à La Sahraouie .


If you go to the Sahrawi refugee camps, near Tindouf, Algeria, one of the sights that will greet you on the edge of the camps are rows of makeshift animal pens. They are put together from scrap metal, barbed wire and stones. Refugee families like to keep a few sheep and goats in such pens. In the morning and at sunset, it is a common sight to see women and children crossing from the tents to the pens with buckets laden with swill: they are gaisin alaghanamŽ, as Sahrawis would say in their dialect (going to [see] the goatsŽ). In return for their labours of feeding and caring for the animals, the refugees can collect milk from lactating ewes and she-goats, slaughter an animal if there is a celebration at hand, and even sell an animal on to another refugee family to generate some income. Seeing animal raising as an investment, and, in most cases, lacking access to the formal nancial sector refugees sometimes jokingly refer to animal-raising as their bankŽ.


la révolution ; sahraouie ;new politics;new legal