Volume 10, Numéro 1, Pages 409-425

L'effet De L'utilisation Des Cartes Conceptuelles Lors De La Co-révision En Présentiel Sur La Réécriture D'un Texte Explicatif En Fle

Auteurs : Mekkaoui Mohamed . Braik Saâdane .


This research work, carried out in cognitive didactics of the written production of explanatory texts in a plurilingual milieu, focuses mainly on the effect and possible contributions of the use of concept maps during the collaborative review in class in French foreign. Four groups of students enrolled in business law participated in this experimental research. The groups (Gl) and (G2) who work individually rescheduled their first spin (Rl) after reading a help text or a concept map respectively. While groups (G3) and (G4) who work collaboratively and face-to-face, have replanned their first roll (Rl) after reading a help text or a concept map. While the G5 participants, they did not benefit from any help system. They performed their tasks individually. We then analyze the first jets of ideas produced individually by the participants according to their level of relevance and then the second jets of ideas produced according to the experimental modalities.

Mots clés

Written production - collaborative revision in face-to-face -concept maps - didactics - French as a foreign language - aid systems.