Revue des matériaux et énergies renouvelables
Volume 2, Numéro 2, Pages 69-81

Strategy Of Optimization By The Method Of Experience And Application Plans To The Wear Resistance Steel « Hydrogenated »

Authors : Kaid Ameur Djilali . Mahmoudi Noureddine .


The work presented in this study focus on the application of the method of the plans of experiences (MPE) to the study and the optimization of the quantification of the wear of the steels (XC48, A60) under the effect of a factor of environment in the Occurrence Hydrogen. Modeling can draw inspiration from the mathematical models established by the (MPE) in order to analyze more deeply the phenomenon of the wear while taking account of the various relevant factors The Governing [1]. This analysis may be qualitative :study of "screning" (determination of influential factors) or quantitative :methodology of the surfaces of answers (variation of responses according to the influential factors).In all cases ,it has for the purpose of determination of mathematical models approached the answers expressed in terms of the factors .These models are deducted from the values obtained of series of experiments .The definition of these plans of experiences determines the measurable quality of models. The multiple facets of the MPE are then used as the basis for the development of strategy to optimize [2,3].


The methods of the plans of experiences, Methodology response surfaces, optimization, distributed calculations, wear, hydrogen.